Saturday, June 16, 2012

So far, so good.

Just before I end my day, I thought it would be nice for me to jot down some thoughts...


Finally, I've gotten a new camera! Yes, it's my second self earned camera and third camera I ever had. (First was a gift from my brother!) Welcome my new friend!


I'm a extremely poor girl now ever since I bought this but no regrets! I've been eye-ing on it ever since my NIKON S620 died during my Taiwan trip last year. :( Oh well, welcome S100! 


Went for my first wedding by the sea, which is actually my ex boss's wedding. Some shots below... Held on Sunday, 10 June @ Sentosa Cove Glass House Dining. 

Congratulations boss! Have a blessed and blissful wedding!

It's my own creation. It's red wine with sprite. It taste not bad actually. :)

I miss all of them!

And a epic picture of Mok to end the perfect night for the catch up with my ex colleagues. I miss them dearly, but I'm glad that I've left for a better place that I'm in now.


Celebration of Saw's 22nd was on Saturday, 9 June @ Singapore Botanic Garden, Food For Thought. The food is just so-so but for the portion for the price we paid, it's definitely worth it.

We had uncountable amount of jumpshots before we got it right. It was really enjoyable. People, you should do jumpshots everywhere you go.

Off to Mount Faber after dinner for some bowling!

And after bowling it was late night supper @ Swee Choon Tim Sum before we officially end the night. It has been an awesome night out with them. 'Up there', always brings endless laughters!


So far life has been pretty fruitful and I've not regretted making the decisions I've made. I hope this lucky strike continues to stay with me, forever. (:

Till then. Ciao.

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