Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dim Sum: East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

//actual date: 3 Nov 2012

Last Saturday, I had a impromptu meet up with my ex-colleagues from KTPH for some dimsum at East Ocean. It's my first time here and the food is pretty alright. Just that, once again, the service wasn't too fantastic.

Accordingly to Jaamie (whom isn't on her first time to East Ocean) mentioned that during the weekdays, it's like normal ordering and we can go ahead and take what we want. But during the weekends, we couldn't order so when the tray with food comes, we pick what we want.

Jaamie, Joan and Erinn were there first while I waited for Michelle to end work before training there together. So... accordingly to them, the trolley didn't go their corner and hence we waited till close to 2pm and we decided to wave for service and requested to order some dishes. Fortunately, one of the waiter agreed to help us take orders and tah-dah! Below's some food we ordered!

Simple lunch gathering ended after some light shopping. 

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