Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beauty: Bellabox for Month of April

Sharing something different from food today!

Not sure how famous or well known they are right now. Have you heard of Bellabox? I never knew there was such thing until one day I opened up my inbox and I saw a email from them.

Initially I deleted it without even looking at it because it looked so much like a random spam. When Michael was telling me to keep out for an email by "Bellabox" I still had no idea what was it. Until when I saw the email (yes I actually deleted it.) and went to their website and I was so amazed. 

Bellabox works this way. Either you get to gift someone, or you get gifted (like me, so you're receive an email and password to ask you to redeem your gift on-line ) or you could just become a member and subscribe to it. What happens is that every month, you'd get 5 items from them, in a box, delivered right to your door step! It's pretty fascinating because it's like a "present" monthly. (I love presents and surprises, so this is a double happiness for me.) 

So after I've gotten my email, I went in to log in to their website and register myself! (I've gotten 6 months worth of boxes.) After registration, your usual, address, name... etc. Then, you need to do a little survey about yourself! The survey would ask you about your skin type, your hair type, hair colour, skin colour, preference and etc. That survey would determine what kind of products you'd get! So everyone don't get the same, more like you'd get what is suitable for you. (So you ought to be honest with the choices or the items that comes will not be of our likings)

For this few months, they don't only give the usual 5 items as promised, most of the time they will attach some vouchers, some other bonus samples or even brochures. So it's really a boxful of information and surprises. Their delivery timings are really good because they come like 7-10pm (when you're off work and you're home). There were on 2 occasions when I wasn't home they would even call me up to check if it's alright for them to leave it outside my house, or hide is behind the pots etc. So far, I like their delivery service.

I've gotten so far my 3rd Bellabox this month (since February) and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Let me show you more pictures! I'd share again when I get my May Bellabox! Sadly my box will end on July, (after 6 months) I might consider becoming a member because it's really happy to get stuff at my door step.

It has been their own delivery for the past 2 months but I think they decided to outsource to TA-Q-Bin. Just yesterday I receive a SMS telling me that when and what time they will be coming and if I won't be home, I could change the timing for delivery. Really good, I love it!

I tried so many times to tilt this, I'm sorry the picture just doesn't want to be tilted. Grrrr.

So this is how the box looks like!

A little postcard that would usually describe the items together with the prices of each item given to us.

So here's what I got this month!

Something also new this month, a little recipe attached.

Super love the wrapper! (Cause it's green. :p)

And here's my boxful of goodies!

Arranging them accordingly... 

So this month, this is the voucher given to us.

Elishacoy Vivid Party Lipstick, $12

And look! It's not really the sample size, it's like the 'normal' size you get! 

DKNY Fresh Blossom, 50ml @ $93 and 100ml @ $123

For all the months so far my happiest get is always the perfume! I got a Lavin's 'Marry Me' in February (major love) and then I've got wonderstruck from Taylor Swift in March and this month this! Super love all the perfume they have chosen for me! Though it's a little small, but it's not too bad. You can probably use them for a week if you don't over spray.

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel. 200ml @ $13.90 and 500ml @ $22.90

The Skin Pharmacy Collagen Building System. 15ml @ $59.90.

Twistband Headbands. Least favourite, I don't even know how to use this. Pfffft.

Kilo off herbal Slimming tea, 20 pieces @ $16.90

Am going to try them tomorrow! They come in either hot, or cold for you to choose! 

This is a 'bonus' gift in the pack cause this is like the 6th item. Shall get it if it's good!

So that's for the month of April for my box. What did you got for yours?



    1. Pretty cool right! I love it too! :) Yay babe! See ya soon!