Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Well, that's right, it's why I've been missing in this space for awhile.

Been mugging hard since like a month again (well, could mug harder). Today was my Econs paper. I almost died.

I flipped my paper over and I was like.........................................................................


I looked left (girl sighing), looked right (empty seat) and then I looked back at my paper and told myself, "Just write whatever you can."

So I spent 2 hours in pain and agony (mentally) in the examinations hall. It was terrible. On a lighter note, it's over and I shall not brood over spilled milk. May there be moderation, thanks.

One more paper to go, that's marketing. After what happened to my group assignment, I decided not to be complacent and study hard for it as well.


A major part of my Econs motivation to study was because of you that didn't give up on me when I choose to give up on myself. I can't say how thankful am I for all the motivation pushes and little tips and tricks you've given and taught me. Thank you, Allynn Teo, for the pull and constant motivation to help me in this probably the toughest subject in my education life.


I'm here again today cause it's my "resting day". And since blogging makes me happy, so I thought I should drop a note to notify that I'm still alive.

Well, in the past week other then celebrating Mothers' Day and a trip to Carpenter's and Cook, I was home everyday including weekends. (trying my best to study) Which I would separately blog those food entries. I hope a travel entry would come up soon........ (dying to travel, sigh)

I promised myself I'd sleep earlier tonight cause I've been having insomnia for some time. Till then, see ya.

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