Sunday, May 5, 2013

Korean: Joomak @ Beauty World Centre

This place was one of the first few Korean restaurants I went. It's actually pretty far from where I reside but it's worth the trip travelling over.

Not sure if I shared this before, but since I've recently just gone back, I thought I should just reshare if I ever did. 

They are located at Beauty World Centre, Level 4. It's a little shop at the corner beside the bakery. There's 2 Korean restaurant there, go to the one at the very end.

It's operated by Koreans and often their customers are Koreans too.

Usually when I go, I'd order the Saba with rice set, or I'd have spicy pork. But this visit, since there was 6 of us, PS suggested to share. So we took her suggestion and feast up!

The prices don't include GST or service charge, so technically it's flat rate based on what you see on the menu. (It's just so awesome)

Side dishes without Ally's favourite hotdogs. I like the ikan bilis though, not too bad selection of side dishes.

I have forgotten what is this called but yeah it's spicy and nice. Really big pot for the 6 of us.

This is the seafood soup without chili. Loved this!

Spicy rice cake. Major love for rice cakes but it was a little too spicy so I had to soak it with the seafood soup. Hahhahahahhaa.

PS and Ally's favourite fried chicken wing. (You've gotta wait for about 15-20 minutes for them to freshly fry it for you. 

We ordered separately 3 bowls of rice and the total bill was $98. Each pax was about $16 for the feast we had. Really satisfying indeed!


They are located at:
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-01 Beauty World Centre
Singapore 588179

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