Thursday, June 6, 2013

The red carpet

I've about 5 weeks left of school holidays before the routine comes back again. (really wish I am graduating this year). Have been missing in this space for quite awhile cause I'm kinda busy enjoying my school holidays even though I still gotta work. 

I don't know if June's a good month cause I got 3 red bombs! (is terribly broke) Just passed on 1st June was Daniel & Ruo Xin's wedding at Orchard Hotel, another coming up but it's a wedding dinner (lucky no need to give angbao) and last one at Crowne Hotel for one of my ex-colleague. Hopefully for July till September there would be no red bombs. (fingers crossed)

So the very special day was on 1st June, Saturday. Michael made his way down from his place, to mine, just to send me to this wedding dinner. (you know I appreciate it alot, *insert love*) I'm really lucky he sent me there cause it was raining and Orchard Hotel was quite a distance away from the MRT station. 

Most of us made it to the wedding dinner except Samuel who was caught up with work. Of course we wish Yuanyuan could be there but oh well, she's back to her hometown. 

I guess I probably had repeated this alot of times but well, these are the people whom I once walked together for 2 years seeing them almost every Saturday about 4 years ago. We shared the same passion and find the same joy in doing what we did. It's amazing how we keep in contact and making time for each other. We may come from different walks of life but somehow we seem right all together. 

Our celebrity for the night.

Definitely the dessert was my favourite. (but I would love to have yam paste too.)

Well, it's also a wait before the bride and groom comes in, so we didn't waste any time catching up and of course, taking photos!

Coincidentally we both dye-d our hair and it's almost similar. 

Sorry Kale, your expression is too cute. Hahahhahahaa. (Daniel probably was texting his girlfriend or emailing his client.)

Souvenirs from there were either a spoon or chopsticks, and I chose the chopsticks!

So... Who do you think is older?

Well, here's the best combination, the oldest with the youngest in our class.

Here's Kale and Ashton.

Requested to be standing cause...... I was almost the same height as him! (of course it was only temporary........)

Short of Ashton, Samuel and Yuanyuan. 

So class 2009 consist of, Ashton, Peggy, Ranielle, Rachie, Peilin, Helen, Patrick (though he didn't attend the classes but he's part of us too!) (top from left) and Yong Kang, Daniel, Kale and Si Rong (bottom from left) and Yuanyuan whom went back her hometown in China and Samuel who was too busy to get away from work.

I wanted to upload the videos of Ashton singing but this stupid blogger keeps having error.... So you gotta go my Facebook to watch it. Here's the link.

Here's a picture of Ashton on stage.

So when the performance was over, it was feasting time!!

Cereal prawns, nomnomnom.

And after this dish... I totally forgot to take picture and starting digging in the dishes. Terrible blogger me. Hahahhahaa. Including the dessert that I gobbled up immediately when it was served. Okay, don't complain, here's more human touches below.

I always call him half-a-cousin cause we're in a complicated relationship. Hahhahahaha. But of course, he's just as close as a real one.

And he is super vain. (not just in Taiwan)

Almost like a little sister to me, Peggy. 

We stayed on till everyone was gone. Literally the hall was empty when we exited. Thanks to Kang, he sent the norths back home. 

It was definitely an enjoyable night even though it was a rather short one. 

Till we meet again, which would be soon. 

// Message for the newly weds:

Wish you a blissful marriage and stay lovely and sweet always. 

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