Sunday, July 7, 2013

Korean: Woori Nara @ 19 Lorong Kilat Road

Before I start on my post, I guess some of you would be thinking why the sudden change of URL...

Well, let's just say that I'm finding back whatever I've used to be passionate about. I've started off online with "pepperminter", disappeared awhile and now I'm back (which I wish I would keep this going again). So I've decided to make things easier for people to remember me and my blog, I've made the URL alot easy and shorter to remember. 


I flipped back my post, this is the 4th Korean food post I have so far. Their food is really awesome! Previously I said Joomak at Bukit Timah was better but after I tried this, I would say it's a tough competition. (So just eat both!)

We made a trip there on a weekday night and there wasn't any crowd. Located nearby Carpenter & Cook and Nooks (still haven't got any chance to visit that place yet) along the same stretch of shop houses, you'd be able to find Woori Nara. 

A small restaurant by itself, they project MVs from the popular girl/boy bands on their wall while you enjoy your dinner. 

It was a tough choice between what to eat cause there's just too much I wanted to try. 

First up, here's their side dishes.

Ally's favourite, mine too! (nothing ever goes wrong with hotdogs)

This was a little too sweet.

I never liked Kimchi because it always has this sourish taste but I'm learning to appreciate it. 

We had a total of 6 side dishes for 3 to share.

This seafood pancake is just too good!

Here's a pot of goodness to share. (We chose seafood with rice cake)

It was just enough for 3 of us to share. 

The total per pax we spent was about $15 without drinks. 

They are located at:
19 Lorong Kilat Road
Singapore 598120

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