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Travelogue: Taiwan Trip on 27 December 2012 to 1 January 2013 - Day Three, Third Day.

I'm back with another day of my Taiwan trip!

If you haven't read about my other days, here are the links for your easy reference:

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And today it's day 3!

Here's the itinerary extract for today's trip. The full itinerary can be found in post day 1.

A brand new morning started at 文王大饭店 Wen Won Hotel at 6am. Was really tired cause the night before we slept pretty late. But once I showered and got changed, I was all energetic again for another day of Taiwan!

As compared to Wego Hotel 薇閣精品旅館 of course 文王大饭店 Wen Won Hotel lose out by alot. Nonetheless, it was still quite alright for me. I'm not a heavy nor fussy breakfast person even though scramble eggs, hams and toast would be ideal for me... but porridge with pork floss works fine too. Here's a little preview to how is the breakfast like if you choose this hotel.

Here's my bowl of porridge with pork floss overload and a bread.

This is their key for the hotel. It's rather old school cause it's the key and knob kind, not those card ones.

After breakfast, everyone fall in with their luggage and we ready to go! We were suppose to go 妖怪村 (Monster Village) but because it was a festive period, tour guide suggested that we go another place due because they got news saying it's too crowded over there now. Overcrowding would also means that a group of 20 would be a hassle and plus we can't really enjoy with the crowd. For day 3, we made quite a few changes to the locations.

Since we didn't go to 妖怪村 (Monster Village), we made a trip to 宝岛时代村 (Taiwan Era Village)!

宝岛时代村 (Taiwan Era Village) is located at 南投縣草屯鎮中正路1039號. They are opened from 9am till about 5:30pm. Basically the entire place is about Taiwan in the past with Taiwan snacks and also some performance. Photography is allowed as well as pets. Enjoy the photos below that I've taken from my trip! If you wish to know more about them, their website is here.

Entrance Fee:
Weekdays: NT100
Weekends & holidays: NT250

Here's our ticket and a NT100 shopping voucher for us to use!

People mountain people sea! Queuing to enter now.

This is their old police post with my brother posing with it. 

So this is how your toothpaste ambassador used to look like. 

You can either eat your lunch here, or do the usual eat-and-walk style.

Really old school sweeeeets!

And Muah Chee is a MUST eat. One of my favourite must have back home during our pasa malam. Their muah chee is XL size though.

And here's my brother trying to act cute.

Took with the real mascot! (Reminds me of Gwangsoo now) hahahahaa.

If you ever go this place, THIS IS A MUST EAT. I swear it's damn awesome. I have no idea how much it is again because my brother bought for us. But trust me, you must eat it if you come here or you see it somewhere else.

Comes with a spoon, a bag of brown sugar (if I never remember wrongly)

Pour the sugar over and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy your pudding. *drools*

There's this game station there where you can buy scratch it alike cards and win instant cash!

So brother gave me NT1000 to buy 2 of this. One for him and one for me. And guess whatttttttttttttttttttttt. 



I was so freaking happy when I went to redeem my NT2000! That's like about SGD86 bucks more from SGD0 for me. But since the card was from my brother, I split the NT2000 with him. So each NT1000, I still gain! :)

After resting and eating and winning some $$$$$. We continued our walk exploring this place. We stayed here at least for an hour or 2.

After the visit at 宝岛时代村 (Taiwan Era Village), we stopped over at a random factory place to view some weird stuff which I could really recall before heading over to 元首館 (King Garden). The initial itinerary was supposedly 天空之桥 and 微热山丘 but we didn't go to both. Instead, we went to 元首館 (King Garden)造紙龍手創館 (Paper Factory) and 纸教堂 (Paper Dome)

So here's come pictures of the irrelevant and boring stop over. You can scroll off this is you want to.

So here we are at 元首館 (King Garden). It's nothing much except for the good food again. We hang around here for awhile taking pictures and enjoying the warmth of the sun in this cold weather.

I didn't visit the second level cause I was too busy munching food downstairs and buying goodies.

We were so happy to see the sun!

The sun was so bright we could barely open our eyes.

Ice cream again! (once again, my cousin bought this so I don't know how much it cost)

After a short stay at 元首館 (King Garden) our next stop was 造紙龍手創館 (Paper Factory)

造紙龍手創館 (Paper Factory) showcases on the different types of paper they produce, to which country they produce and there's a guided tour to show you around their factory. Though they don't do printing at the factory we went, they showcased their machines and explain each step of the process to us. They have a Q&A sessions where you can win token of prizes from them.

Here we are at the Paper Factory in Pu Li!

Rims and rims and RIMS of paper!

So this is how paper is being made.

As we walk up to level 2 of the viewing gallery.... we see adorable characters made of paper!

So here is the tourguide in the factory, explaining to us where does all these papers ship to.

So when you get a question she ask right, you get this little coupon to redeem your token of gift later at the gift shop.

Smurf galore!

Okay, my brother was trying to be idiotic by holding the dinosaur's short hand.

The last stop for the day was  纸教堂 (Paper Dome). We took a short walk up the hills to reach  纸教堂 (Paper Dome). This place is pretty famous for tourist to come and I've seen Channel 8 introducing this place before too.

Here's our entrance ticket! It cost NTD80! 

Beautiful place to take photos.

While waiting for the show to start, we ordered light snacks with the voucher we had.

Here's the paper dome talk where they tell you more about the history of this place. But I must admit, I wasn't paying attention at all. 

Likewise for us as tourist, we took pictures too!

By the time we leave  纸教堂 (Paper Dome) for our hotel 三王大饭店 Sun Wang Hotel, it was already dark. 

We stayed at 三王大饭店 Sun Wang Hotel for our third night, another normal hotel but was better then  文王大饭店 Wen Won Hotel. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the hotel rooms thereafter. (I will remember to take for my future trips.)

The night was spent at 埔里夜市 with food food and more food.

Before I end day 3 post, this is one pudding that I will always buy whenever I see a 7-11. It's super, duper, ultra, uber nice. So please eat it when you are there.

I'd tidy up day 4 and publish soon!

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