Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cafe: Joan Bowen @ 9 Jalan Wangi

Hey guys, I'm back again with a new post. School has started for me so post might go down a little due to assignments and deadlines. Bahhhh, but I'd still try my best to blog.

I'm here with another adventure to share, and today, we came well prepared for a surprise for our August baby. 

So..... Just awhile ago, this August baby mentioned to us about her new finding (btw she's really good at finding out new places and introducing them to us) and it's Joan Bowen Cafe. So Lionel thought, why not we go here to surprise her. See, she likes this place.. and it's her birthday... so it's double happiness! (yay) 

Joan Bowen is a themed cafe cum culinary centre that a couple setup in 2009 with a new innovative approach for training young adults with special needs. The cafe was named after their daughter. You can read more about Joan Bowen, here. 

Joan Bowen is located at 9 Jalan Wangi, Singapore 349345. You should not miss it because it's a red building and the rest of the neighbouring buildings are mostly in white/beige.

Main door of the cafe.

Here's their menu, interesting it's like a poster.

Not sure if you can see it when you zoom in.

Belly Dancer (Pork Belly Confit) 
Slow cooked for 8 hours in a confit of its own juices. Pan fried to ensure a crackling skin. Served with pineapple salsa & pumpkin puree 

Portion is quite small, not recommended for big eaters.

Fish & Chips
A crowded favourite & their house speciality. Served with their homemade tartare sauce 

A rather big portion, nothing fantastic.

Cripsy Salmon 
Marinated with fennal & lemon juice, immersed in a blend of olive oil & rock salt for 3 hours; pan grilled for maximum flavour 

Garlic Mussels
Oven baked green lipped mussels topped with garlic bechamel & cheddar cheese 

Calamari Rings
Deep fried spice battered squid served with homemade tartare sauce 

Something that's not in their menu, roasted beef. Well... I would say.. Not really good. And it's $22.

BBQ Pork Ribs 
Juicy ribs, full of flavor and cooked so tender that it falls apart 

Also another dish not in their menu, roasted chicken. Would say this is the most worth it cause it's $12.

Chicken Schnitzel 
Tender chicken breast coated with Japanese breadcrumbs & pan fried to perfection. Served with their homemade tartare sauce 

Would say that this is probably the best dish there after trying all of the above.

Overall the food was alright. Nothing fantastic but not to bad. They don't charge service nor GST so it's a nett price. Guess it's a place that I'd go once only.

After dinner, it's the present, cake and surprise "presentation" for our August baby.

Happy birthday to August baby!

Rainbow cake from little dream house. Awesomely nice! Totally feel like eating it now....

Happy birthday girl!

Happy birthday Allynn Teo!
Many many love for you!

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