Monday, September 30, 2013

Timbre @ Switch

It's been awhile since I had a normal human post. Have been really tied up my assignment and man, they are killing me. Taking a break from that, here I am blogging a belated post. 

Just last week we made a trip down to Timbre for a chill out. Been some time since I went back there and I absolutely love the duck pizza. A little different from the usual is that today we were on a special mission for a little surprise for our birthday girl. (which of course she doesn't know anything at all.)

We were seconds ahead of her before hiding the cake away with the counter staff and settling ourselves at our reserved seats. Oh, have you tried reserving with their online system? I was quite pleased with the user experience, especially the floor plan for you to choose your seats. I think more restaurants or cafe/pubs should do this. Well at least to me I find it useful and interactive enough.

Duck pizza is a must, really loved it ever since the first time I went Timbre with the gang and tried it, I got hooked onto it. (especially the chips on top. I randomly asked if they would give me another cup of it because I loved it, and guess what? I got an extra cup of chips from them!)

A little bucket of wedges, pretty awesome too. Just a little, too little. Hahahahaa.

Super ugly looking chao tar wings but it taste not bad.

Salmon pizza kinda disappointed me that night. Don't know if it's just me or it doesn't taste as good as before.

So before the "surprise", we had our fair share of camhoring session. Here's some with 2 very camera-holic ladies.

Meet Joyce and Michelle. (I just realized we have almost similar shade of hair color.)

Here's my boy with longer hair now. (hahahhahahahaha)

Here's ti-du with Joyce.

And the birthday girl with Hong Kai.

With the help of Timbre staff, we manage to catch her off guard, completely a surprise. (though she didn't cry or had dramatic reactions but well, I'm sure she was indeed surprised. heh heh.)

Here's a group picture and my face sucked much. Damn.

Happy birthday!

So after dinner... we decided to pop by St Games to have some fun!

While waiting for the room...

9gag face spotted.

We had our fair share of Xbox Kinet dancing game and well, we know who can really dance now! It's actually a pretty good work out I would say.


Happy birthday & remember, you're older again.

"Some friends come and go like a season. Others are arranged in our lives for good reason."

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cafe: Cups n Canvas

So this time it's Cups n Canvas for another #pepperminterfoodadventure! We went to this place on a sunny Saturday afternoon to have our brunch. 

They were located on the road side so we had a hard time deciding where to park. It was a Saturday and parking is usually a pain. We wanted to park at Wilkie Edge because it's $4/ per entry after 1:00pm but we were kinda early so we dropped the idea and parked further up where there was a open air car park. (Coupon style)

Took about a 5 minutes walk from the car park and we are here at Cups n Cavnas.

We were seated at this section which eventually became an art class at about 2:00pm. (I particularly like that penguin on the rack)

It was pretty empty when we reached at about 12:15pm, but it was fully packed at about 1:30pm. Furthermore when they have art class, half the section is closed, which makes it even smaller. Best to reserve if you're coming after 2:00pm to avoid disappointment.

I took a snapshot of the menu but you can find their entire menu here. (Prices are nett! Yay!)

Like Department of Caffeine it's a self service ordering system and you pay upon ordering.

Iced Vanilla Latte, $6.30

Iced Tea with Peach & Lychee, $5.80

Minty Chocolate, $6.80

This, is super nice. I'm a mint lover so this was really good. I would definitely drink this again should I return there.

Iced Mocha, $6.30

Eggs Benedict, $14.90 (With a cherry tomato stealer caught red handed)

For this portion, I would say it's worth it for the price I paid and further more, it was pretty good. Just minus the tomatoes. Hahahhahaa.

Burger, $10.90

Burger was kinda disappointing because of the portion. Nonetheless, it wasn't too bad but guess it wasn't really worth the price we paid for.

Cheesy Fries, $6.90 (Thanks Lionel & Allynn)

It was a large portion but a little too stingy on the portion of the cheese. The bottom was practically cheese-less. 

Blanc Bacon (Bacon & Mushroom), $15.90

Portion was good and it was tasty. Should try this.

A great place to chill out over a drink or brunch. A place worth a visit. Though I prefer The French Ladle's portion, pricing and taste but compared to Cups N Canvas, it's a little inaccessible.

Thanks Allynn for the recommendation to a new food adventure for me.

Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road
Singapore 188309

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Live, Love, Life

This week has been really hectic. I haven't got any time to spend it wisely for myself. Though it's tough because this is just start of the hectic 2 months before the nightmare eventually ends in November. But I'd relax, breathe and smile through everyday. 

All I need to do is to tell myself, all that's left is 2 weeks of hectic-ness and I'm done.

I can do this.
Let's go!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant (一家南村海鲜) @ Toa Payoh

Here's another one of my 'adventure' to a new place that Kelvin brought me to the other day. As long as the dishes are awesome, it doesn't matter to me if it's in a coffee shop or a air-conditioned restaurant. It's not the brand you're eating, it's the food you see. 

Nothing fanciful but the food was really good.

There were 3 of us, so we ordered 4 dishes. It was slightly too much for us but we still finished up everything because it was just too nice to waste it. We were literally bloated to the max, but it was all worth it.

I really love Kangkong and so I insisted to order large even though eventually Kelvin refuse to and got us a medium instead. But well, we couldn't even finish the medium. it's just too much! 

This plate for $8, medium size, enough for 4pax.

Prawn paste chicken, I find this good but compared with the next two... I think this is just so-so. 
Small, either $8 or $10 (can't recall)

This is super nice! Cereal prawns..... It's just too yummy. While I'm typing now... I want to eat it again!

Small, $15. Enough for 4 pax to share. (assuming there's another 3 more dishes)

You definitely must order this. Salted egg with sotong. Omggggggggggggggg. I don't even know how much is this because all I did was to eat it all up.

Kelvin had to change the order from medium to small after we got the prawns and realized it was too much for the 3 of us. 
Small, $12

In total for 4 awesome dishes and 3 rice it was $42.50, means... per person was only about $14.20! It's really really,  you must go and eat it!

They are located at:
Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant
21 Toa Payoh Lorong 7
Open daily: 4:00pm to 1:00am

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bar: Hood Bar and Cafe @ Bugis+

Recently, I went to this new place (at least to me because I've not gone before) at Bugis+. Hood Bar and Cafe is located at a corner just beside the gaming zone. A small entrance that leads to a really huge place. 

I did make reservations even though the crowd at about 7pm was still rather empty. Nearing at about 9/10pm it was almost full. So if you're coming late, you should make a reservation else 7pm the crowd isn't too bad.

The entire bar is pretty dim so basically you can't really see your food... which means, not much presentation on the food. We had to wait really long for our food and they even forgot our chicken wings. 

It's a pretty limited menu but not too bad for a bar. Here's the link to the menu if you want to plan what to order.

This was the first singer when I got there, I would say the most decent solo singer before the actual band came at bout 10pm. The lady after her was terrible. Terrible is the word.

All high chairs and the tables came with a hook at the side so you can hook your hand bags. They have a bean bag seat section just towards the left of this picture but I forgot to snatch some pictures.

The lighting was terrible but thanks to Michael, he helped me "shed" some light on the food so I can snap pictures of them.

Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti with XO Sauce $16

This was probably the best dish we had that night but it's quite spicy. (I kinda regret not ordering this because I was afraid it might suck. But it's good, go ahead and order this)

Luncheon Meat Fries $9
Thinly sliced and deep fried to perfection

Michelle was saying, "Pay me $9 and I fry for you okay?" 
It's true, although it was nice but it's nothing but a can of luncheon meat. Unless you're feeling rich, else I guess it's not really worth it. Then again... It's a bar, so you decide.

Sweet Home Alabama Dawg $14
BBQ Sauce, bacon, tomato and cucumber (Pork sausage)

Looks like very nice? No. It's not exactly that way. Sausage was rather dry........ Other then that it's so-so. $14 for this? Okay lah. Mai hiam bue pai. (Don't complain and it's okay)

Hood Signature Burger $18
Wagyu beef patty, Hood secret sauce, bacon, cheese, tomato and onions 

Looks good? Michelle couldn't even finish it cause she said wasn't really good. But on the other hand, Michael finished it up. So.... 50-50.

See, the fries can count one. LOL.

Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings $12
Homemade shrimp paste coated crispy and juicy chicken wings

Really, $12 for 4 pieces? It's the nicest dish but don't you think a little over priced?

The total bill together with 3 1/2 pine of beer (with happy hour discount from 5pm-9pm at $5++) was about $130/$140? It's roughly about $35 per pax. The boo boo is that we had to wait for at least 30 minutes before our food came and the chicken wings were forgotten. The music was rather disappointing. I went on a Friday night, I expect it to be either the best or 2nd best band they would engage because well, it's the weekends where most people go. Shouldn't you have the best to attract customers? Just my two cents worth opinion. 

Probably not going back there again because of the eerie solo girl singing and the food isn't really worth it. But of course your opinion might defer from mine so you might want to try out the few nicer dishes I've tried. Their signature burger is... no. Hahahhaa.

Enough of food, here's my company for the night.

My beautiful lady.

A decent group picture (except my irritating fringe)

Hood Bar and Cafe 
Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street #05-07 
Singapore 188067
Tel : 62218846 / 90685863

Operating hours:
Monday - Tuesday 5pm - 1am
Wednesday - Friday 5pm - 3am
Saturday 12pm - 3am
Sunday 12pm - 1am