Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cafe: Chock Full Of Beans @ Changi Village

I'm neither a cafe nor coffee expert but thanks to Allynn, here's another place conquered. Located at a quiet corner along a stretch of shop houses you can find Chock Full Of Beans

We were pretty lucky to get a seat for 4 outside quite quickly upon arrival. It was pretty packed though there wasn't any queue before us.

Photo credits: Picturesque Momentum 

Toast with Salmon and egg. 

A Hawaiian pizza to share. $23 Well.. It's not exactly nice, the cheese was WAY too thick and the crust was... rather hard.

We wanted to request for latte art but only after the waitress took our latte art orders and returned to say that the kitchen is too busy so we had no choice but to take whatever they draw.

So here's a 小丸子 for Allynn's Cafe Mocha, $6.50 (large)

Photo credits: Picturesque Momentum 

Here's a Snoopy for PS's Vanilla Latte, $6.50

Photo credits: Picturesque Momentum 

Here's my Kon lookalike from Bleach Anime! $6.00 (large) Hazelnut Latte

Photo credits: Picturesque Momentum 

Well, I would say it's a place that I'd probably only go once because... the food we had wasn't fantastic, perhaps we didn't try the main dishes (they might be better) and according to Allynn (whose good with coffee unlike me) the coffee isn't really fantastic. Probably the only thing interesting is the latte art, but..... well real coffee lovers might think otherwise.

Anyway, those pictures that have been credited to Picturesque Momentum are pictures taken by the owner of this Facebook Page. There are more pictures for you to view over from the link! Do check it out if you liked the few pictures I've posted and if you're keen to engage any photographers you might want to add this into your list of considerations! Of course if you wish to know more about the services provided, you can drop her a Facebook message to discuss further!

Blk 4 #01-2090
Changi Village Road
Singapore 500004

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