Monday, September 30, 2013

Timbre @ Switch

It's been awhile since I had a normal human post. Have been really tied up my assignment and man, they are killing me. Taking a break from that, here I am blogging a belated post. 

Just last week we made a trip down to Timbre for a chill out. Been some time since I went back there and I absolutely love the duck pizza. A little different from the usual is that today we were on a special mission for a little surprise for our birthday girl. (which of course she doesn't know anything at all.)

We were seconds ahead of her before hiding the cake away with the counter staff and settling ourselves at our reserved seats. Oh, have you tried reserving with their online system? I was quite pleased with the user experience, especially the floor plan for you to choose your seats. I think more restaurants or cafe/pubs should do this. Well at least to me I find it useful and interactive enough.

Duck pizza is a must, really loved it ever since the first time I went Timbre with the gang and tried it, I got hooked onto it. (especially the chips on top. I randomly asked if they would give me another cup of it because I loved it, and guess what? I got an extra cup of chips from them!)

A little bucket of wedges, pretty awesome too. Just a little, too little. Hahahahaa.

Super ugly looking chao tar wings but it taste not bad.

Salmon pizza kinda disappointed me that night. Don't know if it's just me or it doesn't taste as good as before.

So before the "surprise", we had our fair share of camhoring session. Here's some with 2 very camera-holic ladies.

Meet Joyce and Michelle. (I just realized we have almost similar shade of hair color.)

Here's my boy with longer hair now. (hahahhahahahaha)

Here's ti-du with Joyce.

And the birthday girl with Hong Kai.

With the help of Timbre staff, we manage to catch her off guard, completely a surprise. (though she didn't cry or had dramatic reactions but well, I'm sure she was indeed surprised. heh heh.)

Here's a group picture and my face sucked much. Damn.

Happy birthday!

So after dinner... we decided to pop by St Games to have some fun!

While waiting for the room...

9gag face spotted.

We had our fair share of Xbox Kinet dancing game and well, we know who can really dance now! It's actually a pretty good work out I would say.


Happy birthday & remember, you're older again.

"Some friends come and go like a season. Others are arranged in our lives for good reason."

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