Saturday, October 12, 2013

Junbi @ United Square

Rushing for time and don't want to grab fast food? You could drop by United Square to try Junbi! Take the escalator down beside Starbucks, walk straight and turn right towards the mall and you're be able to find twelve cupcakes beside Junbi! 

Initially when we researched a little and realised that there were 'seats in store' so we thought there should be enough seats for us to have a quick bite before tabao-ing blackball (which is another of my favourite but so disappointing that the price actually increased by $0.50 for their signature blackball!). Michelle and I dashed from the MRT to United Square via the underpass only to realise that their 'seats in store' was just 2 side tables with 4 high chairs and that was it. A really small stall indeed... Much disappointed we left the store and headed somewhere else instead. 

But I still wanted to try out the food because it looked pretty good. So I went back again with my colleague with the mindset of packing it back to office to eat. 

Everyday they have different take outs for you to choose. Though their full menu seems very extensive but everyday it's limited to just a fine different kinds. For daily updates, you've got to check out their facebook webpage to know what's in for today!

What's more there's a opening special of 25% discount! (which I suppose would end soon in about 2 weeks'? I'm just randomly guessing. They've opened for 1 week when I was there just this Friday)

I was really indecisive while I was there choosing because I wanted to try everything but I was worried that I couldn't finish my food and I also wanted to buy blackball as dessert and that would be too filling so... I pondered for like 5 minutes hovering around the shelves deciding what to get. 

What I don't really like is that their carrier is pretty unfriendly cause there isn't any handles for me to hold so... a little inconvenient but it's not a major issue. 

So after much consideration, I decided to go with my craving for sushi. (I was battling between the pasta which looked more worth it because it cause $5.40 for a box of pasta where 4 pieces of mini looking salmon sushi is $4.80)

The packaging is really nice. I like that trendy looking boxes at the end it's just nice and after that I threw it away. So.... Hmm.

Well, you can see the size of a normal kikoman soy sauce is beside it. Get what I mean it's mini looking salmon? But it's not bad, pretty fresh.

Pardon I was so hungry and I forgot to snap a picture of it before I destroyed the photo with my soy sauce but here's 6 pieces of Tuna Sushi. (Normal sized hahahha)

My colleague on the other hand chose to have the ham & cheese pasta for $5.40 (seems more worth it hor)

You could either choose to let them heat it up for you or to bring back to office for them to heat it up for you. (randomly, the service staff completely forgot to give us any utensils. It kinda annoyed my colleague, hahahaha)

Overall I feel that the food isn't too bad. Probably the pasta was more worth it then sushi? There are better sushi take-outs available in my opinion. As for the wraps, sandwiches and salad I haven't got the chance to try them out so I can't comment much. But sandwiches doesn't look appealing to me because they are just normal sandwiches but selling at $3.60 (if I'm not wrong). You can get more value for money sandwiches else where. Probably just the pasta and the salad that I would go for if I ever do return again. 

Credits: Thanks to Michelle for the recommendation!

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