Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tamoya Udon @ Liang Court

I'm not exactly a udon lover as usually I would go for soba instead. However, Tamoya Udon changed my mind about udon. 

So what's so great about their noodles? They actually stepped on it for many hours to make it QQ and bouncy! (They even have a TV repeating the process while you eat. So you can watch them step on your noodles which you eat em' hahahhaa.)

I went there at about 7pm the place was already packed. As I needed 6 seats so I had to wait up for about 10 minutes before I found myself a seat for 4. I settled myself down first while  waiting for another 2 seats. Throughout the entire waiting process, no one was there to handle the "queue" so it's more of self service. 

While waiting for the rest, I took a snapshot of how the restaurant looked like. You see the queue over there? That's where you order your choice of noodles and sides to add on. 

You can find their full menu with price here. 

Basically how you order would be 
1. Choose your type of udon and you can have it either regular or large
2. Next you choose your sides after you get your udon (the website says you can choose sushi but it's not true because when I went there was only fried food :()
3. Next is to make your payment!
4. You get to choose the toppings on your own! Add whatever you want to whatever amount you like!
5. Don't forget to return your trays after eating

(Ice water is also self served beside the topping station.)

This is supposedly their signature, Kake Udon (chicken broth) 
This is a regular bowl, $4.80.

Kake Pork Udon, Regular size, $8.80

Side dishes (tonkatsu sauce self added) The shiitake mushroom is really good! And that's a chicken cutlet. Shiitake Mushroom $1
Chicken Cutlet $2

Can't recall what's this. :/

This is Kake Pork Udon, large size, $10.80

Curry Udon, regular, $8.80

For someone who doesn't eat udon, this is pretty awesome. If you're a big eater go for large else the regular won't be filling enough for you. For me, a regular and a stick of shiitake was just right.

They are located at
Liang Court Shopping Center
177 River Valley Road

Credits: Thanks Peishan for the recommendation!

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