Sunday, October 13, 2013

豚骨火山 Tonkostu Kazan Ramen @ Novena square 2

I've been to this place about 3 times and I still love it even though every time I eat almost the same thing. Located at level 2 just right beside the escalator you will be able to find a humble small restaurant Tonkostu Ramen. It's really very small for all the 3 times I went I had to either share table with someone else or the tables were just like 2 inches away from another table. 

I always thought that there was only one store in Singapore but I just realise there is another store in Liang Court which seems to alot more spacious then this tiny store. (I would prefer to go liang court even though I've not dined there.)

Basically this is the menu (some more at the back but I didn't snapped any photo). You can find their full menu here.

Karamiso Ramen $12 (slightly spicy)

Nitamago Shoyu Ramen $13 (this means you'd get 3 flavoured eggs, by default it comes with a slice of pork and 1/2 a egg)

Basically I like the noodles if you want me to compare them with Ajisen (which is about the same price). For me to go back there 3 times it's actually not bad. I went over during lunch time for all 3 times and what I don't like is their service. Once I went the waitress' face was so glum it was as it someone owed her $1million. (it was a major turn off actually) Another thing I find it ridiculous is that when the store has seats for 2 (and it's just a standalone table so you definitely can't fit 5) but the first in line is 5 people, they will just leave the table empty instead of shuffling the line and filling up the seats first. Food was served to us within 15 minutes, which I feel isn't too bad.

Personally I like the ramen and would go back again if the queue isn't that long.

Located at 
Novena Square 2

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