Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Travelogue: River Safari

I've been wanting to see the Pandas ever since they arrived a year ago... But well, somehow I never made it there. So thanks to my company's free tickets, we decided to spare sometime off on a Saturday to take a trip down to River Safari!

We went at about 1-2pm and it was really good. It wasn't crowded to begin with and what's more it's free (hahaha cheapo me) Perhaps because the major rides in the River Safari are still close hence explains the low traffic. Which to me isn't a bad thing because my main purpose were the Pandas (even though I found a new love along the way) and I don't really fancy crowds though I'm learning to put up with it. You guys would probably have seen tons and tons of River Safari pictures but still.. I'm going to blog about it. Hahahhaha.

Huge ass beaver greeted us by sleeping soundly in their tank. (great, thanks.)

Huge beavers, hibernating in process.

Hey yo, I'm minding ma own business strolling by the window.

For those who plays fishing superstar, look what we found!

It really looks like the one we played in the game. Hahahhaa.

This was some random turtle with a weird looking tail there.

Can you spot it? 

I'm just sunbathing, can you see my eyes?

Floating and not moving, just lazing away while being exhibited. 

Looks to me like a grumpy old monkey!

See, major portion where the cheetahs is isn't open yet. :(

You need a botox.

And we are almost there!

I swear it was damn adorable. Though it was sleeping the entire time we were there, but it's so cute!

I wonder if he could breathe while sleeping like that.

So this is what Kai Kai eats. (20kg of bamboo is kinda crazy)

And this is for Jia Jia!

It's true, he was napping when we arrived.

She is way too shy. 

Meet Kai Kai. Napping after his meal, and look at his leg.

Wonderful post, good job! You slept and shit at the same place! (but him covering his face with his paws is too cute)

On the other hand, Jia Jia was really hard to spot. Most of the time while we were there, she was no where to be seen. We patiently camped around the both of them for about 30 minutes or so before we got to watch Kai Kai wait up and started walking around and Jia Jia occasionally coming out from her den for 10seconds and parade around before heading back to her den again. (they have a CCTV for you to see Jia Jia when she is in her den)

This shot was taken while she came out for 10 seconds to parade 1 round and go back. I tell you the moment she comes out it's like *snap snap snap snap snap*, that's all you hear.

That's her retreating back to her den.

On the other hand... Kai Kai was lai-chuang-ing, unwilling to wake up.

Here's a glimpse of Jia Jia on her second round of 10 seconds parade.

That's Jia Jia munching on bamboo (photo is a little blur cause it's taken by my iPhone)

You can't really tell who is who if they are together, we managed to figure out by knowing whose in which den. It was a good 30 minutes spent watching them though.

After the Pandas outside is their souvenir store and a restaurant. I really regret not getting the Panda buns to eat because at that point of time, I was too full to have anything. Sigh, I wish I had tried it. :(

Here's a view from the bridge over to Wild Amazonia.

Here's a shot while waiting for the Pandas to wake up and come out.

Another at the beautiful scenery by the bridge.

Cross over and here we are!

It looks fake cause it was totally not moving at all. Lol.

And let me introduce to you my new found love, the Manatee!!

It looks like a oversized bear. Hahahhaa, it's too cute, I love it. Wanted to get the plushie but.............. it aws $30 for a tiny one! It's too expensive. :( Till we meet again Manatee.

Oh look who sponsors Manatee! *yay*

It was happy trip for me to see the Pandas and a great Saturday spent with the lovely boy. 

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