Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lenas @ Tampines 1

Every single restaurant located in the malls of Tampines usually have mad queues during dinner time. So of course it was the same for Lenas. We arrived at about 6:45pm and waiting for about 15 minutes before we got a seat for 2.

LENAS is based on a modern American Italian restaurant. Their menu have crispy Italian thin-crust pizzas, pastas, flame-grilled beef, grilled chicken, lamb rack and pork ribs and you can pick side dishes of your choice. It's a really open concept, pretty spacious but not much privacy. Lenas is opened by MOF too. (I love the Jap's MOF by the way.)  

We were seated right at the corner of the restaurant so here's a 'overview' of the entire restaurant space.

Here's their current promotions!

I had a pretty hard time trying to decide what to order. Everything looks pretty yummeh. So in the end I went ahead with pasta.

It should be about $14/$15, I can't recall the amount.

Portion is just right, not too bad. There's no wow factor, but tastes alright. 

Grilled chicken with cheese. This should be $16.90 (which was alot more worth it then mine because the portions was so much bigger with the sides)

I didn't like the wedges though, it tasted rather flour-y

Overall, I think this is just a normal restaurant, nothing too wow nor too bad. If you need a quick fix for western, you can drop by here. :)


Tampines 1

Opening hours: 
Sunday - Thursday 11:30 - 22:00
Friday - Saturday 11:30 - 23:00

 +65 6783 6338

Social Media: 
Facebook | Website

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