Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cafe: Dean & DeLuca @ Orchard Central

The thing about Dean & DeLuca that irritated me the most was their menu was no where to be found, except at the counter where you have to order. What makes it worst is that prices of each dish are not shown. We have no idea how much are we paying for.

Honestly, for all the dishes we had below it amounted to $90++ for 3 people was not worth it. Though the food was reasonably decent but I don't think I've ever go back there again. Maybe if I ever do crave for a rainbow cake, I would consider Dean & DeLuca.

//Thank you Doreen & Junxiang for the treat. 

** Apologies, I can't recall the prices.

Smoked salmon quiche. (We still haven't figure out what's the white white 'thing')

Junxiang loved the crust though. 

My American big breakfast, it should be $22. (The scramble egg was a little disappointing and the portion of the bacon is far from what I had at Kith and I'm paying more for less.)

But the sautee mushroom was good.

Truffle fries that was extremely expensive with small portion.

Banana caramel toast. Super sweet but the portion was huge. But it was too sweet and we couldn't finish it. Too jer-lak already.

The only thing we all agreed it was good. Slightly sweeter then the ones I've tried. Minus the cream (which I'm not a big fan of) the rainbow cake is awesome.

Once is enough I guess. :/


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