Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cafe: Kith Cafe @ Park Mall

Hey guys! I'm finally back to this space again. I've been rather busy recently...

  • I just came back from Bangkok (yes, I was there with my friends when the 'shutdown' started).
  • My school just started and so I've been trying to be hardworking. 
  • My birthday just past and fortunate me had celebrations with different awesomes (whom I've yet to blog about my dinners with them)
  • Chinese New Year is round the corner and I haven't spring clean, at all. (Oh dammit) 

I did a short post of my birthday, which I shall go back and edit it later.

On the first 'working day' of 2014 I made a trip to Kith Cafe with the girls. We went after work and arrived at about 6:45pm/7pm-ish. It wasn't too crowded but at about 7:30pm or so, the entire cafe was already packed. Seats are pretty limited so if you're coming in big groups you might want to reserve (I'm not sure bout reservations cause we walked in). 

After a hard time deciding what to eat, the girls had pasta while I chose the toast. The pasta looks so good but because I had pasta earlier that day, I dropped the idea.

It has really been awhile and I forgot to take down the prices and the dishes names... So, pardon if I don't get it right. This should be Cabonara.

This should be Vongole. 

Mine was like a all day breakfast with poached eggs, chips, bacon and toast. 

There was a super generous portion of bacon and it's super yummy. I would definitely go back to eat this again.

We had desserts from the cake shelf. If I haven't remembered wrongly, each slice of cake cost about $8.

It's a small slice but Tiramisu lover says it's awesome.

Berries.. definitely my choice. 


The bill amounted to about $80++ for the 3 of us. The awesome night ended with our belated Christmas gift exchange.

//I'd definitely go back someday again!


#01-01E (Facing the roadside)
9 Penang Road
Singapore 238459

Opening hours: 
Daily 08:00 to 22:00

Social Media: 

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