Monday, January 6, 2014

Travelogue: Korea Winter Trip 2013: Day Three (Gimpo Airport, Jeju Island, Mysterious Road, Jeju Love Land, Hello Kitty Museum, Osculloc, Alive Museum, Jejueco Suites)

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We woke up slightly earlier this morning because we're flying to Jeju! We took the same line that leads to Incheon International Airport but we stopped at Gimpo instead. 

We packed our 3 days 2 nights stuff into 2 separate small hand carry luggages. EasterJet gives free 15kg check in luggage service.

Here we are at Gimpo Airport looking for EasterJet counter to check in.

Boarding pass obtained and now it's time to look for the boarding gate.

Here it is.

We went to gate 3 and patiently waited for our flight.

Here's how EasterJet interior of the plane looks like. 

After you have collected your checked in bags, you can just leave. There is no security checks.

Our driver Mr Koh came to pick us up at Jeju Airport.

We didn't make any itinerary plans for Jeju since the driver would bring us around. However, if you have any places that you would like to go you could request too. For us, we requested to go to the newly opened Hello Kitty Museum.

So the first stop he brought us to was the famous mysterious road in Jeju Island.

We took some pictures.. got down the car to 'feel' the mysterious road and then we quickly moved off to another attraction just nearby (like 2 minutes drive) the Jeju Love Land.

₩9,000 entrance fee

Again I won't post every single picture I've taken. I would say since you're there might as well take a visit to the place. The place is open air which means it was pretty chilly while 'admiring' the sculptures. Plus the wind in Jeju is x5 times stronger then in Seoul. So even though the temperature in Jeju ranges about 5 to 7 degrees daily I find it colder then it is in Seoul where it was -1 to -9 degrees daily.

After Jeju Love Land, Mr Koh brought us to a place 1,100m high to see snow because we told him we would like to see it.

It was a long ride up but definitely worth it.

Took a short clip while in the car.

I made snowman for the first time! (Even though it was super miniature.)

Peacock? Bird? I don't know. Hahhaa.

This is where we went!

It was so so so so cold I almost died but it was all worth it to see, feel and play with the snow. Of course, this was just the beginning of fun with snow.

After which, he brought us to our first lunch place which we thought it was kinda pricey even though it was delicious.

Ginseng Chicken Abalone Porridge for 1 person ₩25,000 (But we decided to share it)

Next stop after lunch we went to Hello Kitty Museum! Likewise, not posting all pictures but will share more videos. According to Mr Koh, Hello Kitty Museum's entrance fee is considered expensive. It cost us ₩12,000. Well, if you ask any Hello Kitty fan, the price would not be an issue. As for me, I like the place too. It's very pretty, worth a go.

Somehow I just like these paintings.

We were given about an hour at the Museum before heading off to our next destination, Green Tea Museum.

Did I mention that our tour guide is an awesome photographer? This photo was taken by him. He told us where to stand and took the shot for us!

Hi Green Teas!

Beautiful sunset by the roof of the Museum we went.

And we had awesomely nice cold ice cream in the cold weather, it's double the happiness.

After green tea we finally got to check in our luggages into Jejueco Suites. Took some shots of the room.

Pretty much similar to what you see online on Agoda or Trip advisor.

After which we got a lift out to Alive Museum before Mr Koh depart with us for the day. I can't recall how much does Alive Museum entrance fee cost but it should be ₩4,000 or ₩3,000. It's not very expensive and I feel it is the most value-for-money entrance fee ever paid.

There's a lot of photo worth shots you can take here so remember to keep some memory card space for this Museum! (and battery too!) Posting some random shots we took in the Museum. We seriously spent quite sometime inside.

We spent almost 30 minutes walking out in the dark from the Museum to the main road and we continued walking and walking until we saw a reliable looking place for dinner. Once again it was another adventure walk.

This is the shop name!

This is ₩13,000. Not spicy just tomato sauce with sausage.

This is steak with pasta also not spicy, ₩14,000.

This is prawn and steak with some tiny hash browns, ₩10,000

We had a good dinner and headed back early to via taxi which cost us about ₩3,000 from where we were.

We didn't see any major malls or shops that we could walk around. The night there is rather quiet and people there don't speak English as well as those in Seoul do, but still able to communicate.

And the night ended with me falling asleep first as usual.


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  1. great posting! i read it carefully to get some info! thanx a million :)

    1. Thanks for the comments! Glad it was of use to you! :)

  2. Hi Ranielle,

    How much did you pay to the taxi driver for a day? Thanks.

    1. Hi Selina, that time when we went, we paid 150,000 won per day (shared among 4 pax), which consist 9 hours a day from 9am till 6pm. You would have to pay for his meals too. It's actually not very expensive for his meals because you guys just share the BBQ together. And Dinner is on your own. Our driver didn't eat with us. Just lunch only.

  3. Hi! what is your total expense in Jeju island, i mean the admission fees for all and ar rental, tq

    1. Hi Justine, it is approximately $400 for everything. (Note that rental of car and hotel is shared amongst 4 people)

  4. Hi, Ranielle. May I have the driver, Mr. Koh contact?

    1. Hi would like to recommend 2 drivers whom I have engaged for my 2013 & 2015 trip.玄庸昊/

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Here are his details.
    Mr. Koh Seoung-Hun
    Facebook account

    You can read abit details here too :)

    Have a good trip!

    1. Hi ranielle..i am alex
      I will fly jeju your driver attitude and service good ? Any comment?
      Thanks ...

    2. Hi Alex, my driver service is excellent and he is a very friendly and hospitable guide. Great photographer too. :) Have a pleasant trip!

  6. Hi Ranielle

    How much did you pay for your hotel in Jeju?

    1. Hi Irene,

      The hotel was about $215, but we had 4 pax so we shared the cost. Making each person about $54.

  7. Hi! Your blog is very informative. Will use this as a guide for our travel next year. :)