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Travelogue: Korea Winter Trip 2013: Day Five (Ewha University Shopping Street)

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Woke up to the same breakfast at Jejueco Suites and it snowed once again. Seeing Jeju for the last few moments before we had to go was kinda sad. We went back to our rooms to snooze a little while before Alex the house keeper of Jejueco sent us to the bus stop to take the airport express bus.

It was about slightly 15-20 minutes drive before we reached the bus stop. When we reached, we bought the tickets for the bus at ₩3,900 each. It's supposedly an hours' ride from where we were till Jeju Airport.

The bus stop has a counter for the lady to sell bus tickets.

This is the bus 600 that will take you to Jeju Airport.

Pardon the lady's face. She was explaining in Korean that the bus was too full and the rest of us couldn't board.

In the end, we managed to figure out that she wanted us to follow the other fellow Koreans to walk to another bus stop further up to wait for the bus.

We have no idea what to do except to trust her and followed the other Koreans. Thankfully, one of them knew a little English and we double confirmed with him and began waiting. The wind was so strong and cold plus there was totally no shelter at all. The wait of 15 minutes felt like eternity.

After we board the bus, we realize that the bus route over to a lot of hotels picking up passengers and the station that we were at was actually the last station. Which explains why the bus was pretty full and we couldn't board. Still glad we made it on time to Jeju airport for our flight. Oh, I snoozed again while on my way there.

Finally we are here! Look for your airline logo and follow the direction. For us it was EasterJet so turn right.

After checking in both our hand carries we decided to look for lunch.

Super yummmmmmmmeh!

See what I mean, everything is about calories... Looks so harmless but it's 205kcal. :(

We walked around the small mall and before moving to the "restaurant level" to look for food. There are many restaurants along the stretch but we ended up going to their food court. Affordable and good food. Just forget about the restaurants.

This is their food court, which I guess it's for their airport cabin crews cause we saw a lot of them.

Water is free and self served.

You can grab an English menu from the counter and you pay and order at the counter

Depending on which stall you order, you'd be given different set of buzzer. 

I love my ₩8,000 curry rice.

We had a good lunch and good flight back to Seoul.

Yummeh cotton candy clouds..

Walking back from the super long connecting walk way from Gimpo domestic to international hall to take the express train back to Hongik.

We settled down back at our apartment and head out again shortly to Ewha Womens' University shopping street. As recommended by Allynn's niece it is a street of crazy shopping! Unfortunately, it was a crazy shopping of winter stuff so once again we didn't get anything. I'm sure it would be so much better in spring or summer!

We had a strong craving for fried chicken and in the end we settled with KFC for dinner. Disappointing because... chicken was cold, fries was cold, egg tart was cold and my chicken was miserably small. Not forgetting it's slightly more expensive then it is in Singapore. Verdict, no KFC in Korea. (Maybe we were just unlucky, hahaha)

My super small and cold chickens. ₩5,500 and it comes without fries.

Small size fries that was ₩1,400 and egg tart at ₩1,600.

I AM NEVER EATING CHILLI IN KOREA'S KFC ANYMORE. SO LITTLE AND IT COST ₩300! I shall bring my own chilli next time. Lol.

It was the first time I finished up my KFC and still felt hungry. Blame the size of the chicken and the weather. Hahhahaha. After walking around the place for another round, I got attracted to this chicken road side stall. The food smell so so so so good that I had to try it.

It was rice cake, hash browns and chickens! We bought a box to share :) More than enough for 4 of us and it's only ₩5,000. Better then my KFC!

Totally missing this... Yummmmmy.

Night ended shortly after nomming the chickens.



Ewha Womens' University Shopping Street

Exit 2 or 3 of Ewha University subway station

 Day 6 preview...

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