Saturday, January 11, 2014

Travelogue: Korea Winter Trip 2013: Eight (Nami Island, Myeongdong, Cat Cafe)

Today is another ultra long travelling from one end to another. Train ride with many exchanges before we finally arrive at Gapyeong station and we still had to take a taxi in to reach the ticketing office of Nami Island! Of course it was definitely worth the 1.5 hours travelling and transferring and withstanding the cold. Trust me, Nami Island is B-E-A-U-tiful.

The stations were open aired.. so it was FREAKING COLD. I had to do my ass dance to keep myself warm.

Finally! We arrived at Gapyeong station!

If you're travelling in packs of 4, just be like us, grab a cab and it will not cost you more than ₩3,500.

This is where we alighted to walk over to the ticketing counter.

Tickets for each foreigner is ₩8,000 (by right it's ₩10,000 for regulars but we have discount. Hehehhe)

Bridge over to take the boat ride!

Here we go Nami Island!

In less than 5 minutes, we're here!


We didn't bother walking on the 'tracks' that we supposedly are to follow (so that we'd see all that we need to see according to the map.) We saw snow and just went our way to have fun and.. totally forgot about the tracks.

After playing with snow for at least an hour, we got hungry and looked for food. Looking for Korean BBQ to be exact.

We found this!

They have a English menu at the counter. We ordered chicken and pork to share. :)

Korean sprite.

Nothing goes wrong in Korea for their BBQ. Every BBQ we go is delicious! So after that.. we ventured out again for more snow.

Some man made igloos

And ice maze that had low walls so... the guys could guide us to the exit. Hahahaha.

I could just roll around in the snow right now...

So this is the very famous winter sonata place. We each took a tourist shot too!

We spent almost 5 hours at Nami Island just walking around, playing with snow, making snowmans, taking photographs and eating. It was the best few hours while sightseeing.

Before we depart, randomly saw this steaming bun and bought to try out.

Tadah! Red beannnnnnn.

Last shot before we left, the sun was almost setting soon..

We took the same boat back and walked up to the taxi stand to grab a taxi. Basically it's just walking back to where you came from to get back to Gapyeong station.

It was again another ultra long train ride back so I snoozed all the way. By the time it was almost 5pm and transferring at stations that we open aired almost killed me. I was literally bouncing about trying to keep myself warm.

One shot before transferring trains.

Night was spent at Myeong dong. Busy busy street with loads of people, food and clothes!

Hi Cat cafe! I'd come back to you in a while!

We decided to visit LOTTE mall first because it closes at 8pm. Went directly up to level 10 for duty free items.

I took a map and took pictures of it. You can see if what you want is here.

After LOTTE, we went around walking, roaming and then finally settling for Korean BBQ again. Twice a day and we don't get sick of it!

Super good price!

Meet my favourite favourite favouite bean paste sauce! I always have to ask for more.

The only time where Michael eats vegetable is when there's Korean BBQ.

This is the place we went!

After dinner we went to walk again... and finally decided to take a break at the Cat Cafe! I-was-super-super-excited! *hops around in joy*

Our seat has a 'permanent resident'. MEOW.

Basically 'entrance fee' with a free drink is ₩8,000. Which is very reasonable (anyway if ₩10,000 I also pay cause I like lol!) They will give you a hugeass white bag to keep all your jackets and bags so that the cats don't scratch, pee or shit on it. Cats with blue collars are usually the 'nastier' ones that you should be careful of. Just 1 or 2 with blue colors while the rest just... laze away.


And his like "I'm on guard duty today"


Okay, example of grumpy cat with blue collar.

Just sleeping...

I don't like this cat! But okay, its 'fur' is very nice to touch.

So this is how they terrorize your place.
Unique cat with 2 color shades for its eyes.

Tonight ended at the latest because we stayed for quite awhile at the cat cafe. Happy me went to bed smiling because I was surrounded by meows!



Nami Island

Hongik subway station > Myeongdong subway station > Dongdaemun History & Culture Park subway station > Gunja station > Sanbong station > Gyeongchun station > Gapyeong
Take a cab thereafter to the port, should not cost more than ₩3,500 per trip.


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