Thursday, January 9, 2014

Travelogue: Korea Winter Trip 2013: Six (Anguk, Changdeokgung, The Secret Garden, Ssamziegil, Bukchon, Ewha University)

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We are halfway there and I could still remember feeling sad when I knew it was day 6. 

We woke up slightly later and later each day... 

So today we're visiting the palaces! We took a train to Anguk Station and exited at exit 3, walked straight all the way and you'd not fail to see the palaces.

And here we are. :)

We bought the integrated palace tickets at ₩10,000. (In the end we didn't finish up the other 2 palaces. Only went secret garden and Changdeokgung palace)

Because the secret garden have a mandatory guided tour so we followed along and listen to the history of the palace.

It was a good day with the sun. Though at 1 degrees, it felt good.

Our guided tour journey beings!

Frozen pond. Accordingly to the guide, if anyone misbehave, he will be exile to that island in the middle. Lol.

Frozen drain with leaves all stucked.

All their doors so short one. Hahaha, anyway this is like their 'rooms'.

After the guided tour ended about an hour later, we went to walk randomly.

And after 30 minutes.. we got bored. Because all the palaces looks the same and without anyone explaining... it's kinda meaningless if you don't know what you're looking at. But the secret garden tour was good. :)

We randomly went to a nearby eating place that we walked past while on the way to the palace.

They have English menus but you have to ask for it.

Tried the authentic bibimbap and man.. it's delicious. This for ₩5,500! Super big pot and I gobbled it all up. Thanks to all the climbing and walking around the palace.

Great omu rice!

Heavenly beef soup.

After a happy meal, we decided to embark to Bukchon Village. We u-turn back to Anguk station so that we could take exit 2.

We found an information counter and asked for directions. They gave us this map for the 8 views of Bukchon. Apparently if you follow this trail of road correctly you should be able to see all of these.

Kind lady draw the map for us to follow.

Once again, we embarked on the journey of walking and climbing.

We purposely looked for this place for toilet :x

We followed the signage that says "Bukchon Observatory" and climbed all the way up only to realize we have to pay ₩3,000 just to have a view. We decided not to pay and went back down to where we came from. Anyway, it's probably about the same view from outside.

See, we didn't go the 3rd level but we still get to see this beautiful scenery. So don't waste yout ₩3,000. Can buy a hugeass cotton candy in Myeongdong.

You see those people in red with the 'i' information sign? These people are Koreans who can speak either English, Japanese or Chinese. They usually wear a tag around their chest to show what language can they converse in. They are super helpful so you should keep a lookout for them. If you looked lost, they will automatically approach you too. Don't be shy, they are really nice! Anyway, they all wear the exact same uniform.

After Bukchon, we head over to Ssamziegil, supposedly another place that tourists would pay a visit to.

While on the way walking over...

Allynn bought some macarons from a random bakery along the way. It's super delicious.

This is the shop name.

Sesame for me! Thanks Allynn!

Caramel for Michael.

And here we are with the "ren ren" word.

It was super super super crowded.

So interesting the lift buttons hehehehe.

We didn't buy anything there and after a short 30 minutes, we decided to leave the place to head over to Ewha University for dinner.

Before that... We went to Dunkin Donuts for a short break.

So their buzzer... have clips for you watch while waiting for your drinks.

After the super yummy doughnuts, we left for Ewha again!

Ewha students performing by the streets.

They gave out heat packs to us too! 

And officially the best dinner in Seoul goes to this shop.

Basically, this shop only sells this ₩9,900 set. And man I tell you, it's super super nice.

If you are in Ewha, PLEASE EAT THIS.

The owner is super adorable and the food is really really, really good. I have no idea what is the shop name in English because they only have Korean words. But you'd not miss this if you search for it. If you can't just print out the picture and ask around! I'm sure the locals would be able to help you, or you can ask those tourist information personnel in red coats!

We ended the night with a tummy full of yummy steaks. NOMS.



Changdeokgung Palace & The Secret Garden

Anguk subway station take exit 3, head straight for 5 minutes

Bukchon Hanok Village

Anguk subway station take exit 2, head straight for 300m, lookout for tourist information centre and take map

Ssamziegil @ Isadong

Anguk subway station take exit 6, head straight 100m and turn left, lookout for tourist information personnel in red standing along the streets they will be able to help you


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  1. Hi Hi!
    Thanks for such detailed itinerary and much pictures!
    I'm v interested in the KRW9,900 steak :P
    Is it near Ewha station or Isadong?

    1. Thank you! :)

      It's near Ewha Station. You can show the picture to those in 'red coats' with "information" on their back, they can tell you where it is. And I hope they are still there cause I went in 2013 - so it's been 2 years! :)