Friday, February 28, 2014

Indonesian: Warung Le Le @ Tanjong Pagar

Conveniently just right beside Tanjong Pagar exit D, you will be able to find Warung Lele Restaurant.

Warung lele serves authentic Indonesian food like Lele Bakar, Pecel Lele, Sop Buntut, Sate Ayam, Cumi Bakar, Kangkong Sambal and many more mouth watering dishes. Set Menus and ala carte orders available. Fully air-conditioned with al fresco seating available. They also halal certified with vegetarian dishes available too. They are available not just for dining in, but also for take-away and catering!  (extracted from their facebook)

//Thank you for #upthere for the birthday treat and lo-hei!

Very spacious restaurant as you can see.

Since it was Chinese New Year still... We chose the 6 pax for a total of 7 pax eating!

I don't really like this because of its bitter aftermath taste. Meeeeeeh.

It's a must to huat during CNY! :)

Cereal prawns, though I prefer them to be deshelled... :D

Unfortunately the fish had quite a strong mud taste... Else I would have gobbled it up!

According to Weili, their satay is super awesome and tasty, it's a must to order if you dine here! (note that satay is a side order not included in the package)


8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower #01-16
Singapore 068811

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sat 1130 to 2200
Closed: Sun


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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dessert: Salted Caramel @ Upper Thomson Road

As mentioned in my previous dessert post on creamier, my all time favourite waffles with ice cream has got to be salted caramel! So far I've ate quite a fair bit of waffles and this is the best to me. It's crispy with buttery taste and super fragrant. Something I would honestly crave for when I want waffles. 

My combination never changes, it'd always be salted caramel and waffles. If I'm too full for waffles then I'd go with a cone and salted caramel ice cream.

Another thing about salted caramel waffles is that for 2 scoops of ice cream and a delicious full sized waffle it's less than $10! 

I wanted to give Wimbly Lu's waffle a go but.. the crowd and queue is terribly long.... Maybe another day when I get the chance to try out their waffles, I'd let you know if I change my mind about salted caramel's waffles. Till then, it's salted caramel waffle top on my list! I've tried Wimbly Lu's rootbeer cake and man, it's really good. Definitely making a trip back there, but yeah... when the crowd gets less scary.

A plate of happiness for me. Salted caramel & Nutella with maple syrup!


264F Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370

Opening hours: 
Sun - Thu 1200 to 2300
Fri & Sat 1200 - 0200

Walk-in Basis

Social Media: 

*Pictures credit to Mike

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dessert: Creamier @ Toa Payoh

A few weeks ago over lunch, Doreen and I decided to venture our way from office till Toa Payoh Lorong 1. It was quite a walk using google map before we finally found the place.

It's a really small shop with limited seats and even during lunch time it was pretty packed. We're kinda lucky to get a seat upon arriving.

Since the both of us were pretty full so we bought 1 waffle with 2 ice creams to share.

Here's our waffles with pistachio and rum and raisin. 

If I haven't remember wrongly, this was about $12 which in my opinion, is not worth it. I guess everyone would have heard of Salted Caramel located at Upper Thomson Road (omg, and I realize I've not talked about it before! I'm so gonna go there again soon and I can leave a note on my blog for this) and by far is my favourite waffle place with my favourite salted caramel ice cream. The combination I'd always order is waffles and salted caramel, without-fail-every-single-time. Plus, the waffles and 2 scoops of ice cream is less than $10 and, the waffle is definitely bigger then creamier's. 

So... I won't really crave to come back here because.. 1. It's not fantastic, like super-wow, 2. The portion is disappointing for the price I paid. 

The ice cream is not bad, if you're nearby you could pop by to grab and go. But for waffles? Just go Salted Caramel, really.


128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310128

Opening hours: 
Tue - Thu: 12:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 23:00
Sun: 12:00 - 22:00
Closed: Mon

6250 1476 
(I don't think  you can make any, but here's the number)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Japanese: Bario Ramen

I realize I'm quite a fan of noodles. I love barchormee, ramens and wanton mee. Hahaha, yellow noodles specially.

Here I am at Bugis+ this ramen galore place. Located at level 4, upon entry you'd be given a card (something similar to marche) for you to tap and order food and later pay at the counter. Michael was introduced to this awesome ramen by his camp mate Nicholas and so we're here to today to let me have a try of the super awesome noodles!

// Thank you Mike for the treat. <3

It was a weekday night and wasn't very crowded. It's free seating and self service.

Here's the card that we each got 1.

This bowl of noodle is about $13/$14 I can't recall.

Just look at the mountain of taugehs. I like them but it was honestly so much I got a little sick eating it.

The noodle, was great. The soup was a little too salty for my liking but nonetheless it was good. We could barely finish 1/2 bowl of soup. (when I eat at ramen play, I usually finish up the soup too.) The pork slices were..... super-awesome. Really. I never eat those pork slices at Aijsen because they suck but this? Really good. I ate it all up! Another ramen place that I would gladly eat the pork slices and not complain is Tonkatsu Kazan.

After finishing all the noodles and pork slices... Michael told me that "legend says that the bottom of the bowl has words written on it but no one has ever seen it." (because no one could finish such salty soup.) So I.... poured my soup into his bowl and...

TADAH! I have no idea what it means but anyway, I bet it was just some nonsense joke he made up.

Hahahahhaa, super lame I know but hey, I'm definitely coming back here for more bario ramen! :)


201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Opening hours: 
Daily 11:30 - 22:30

Walk in basis

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Coastal Settlement @ Netheravon Road

I've been here before a long long time ago and a few weeks back, I revisited this place to celebrate my birthday with Kelvin and Dennis.  Honestly, this place is pretty inaccessible at night especially if you don't drive. I took a cab with Kelvin from Tampines MRT here that day.

// Thank you Kelvin & Dennis for the treat. :)

This is actually the back gate or side gate. This isn't the main door, the main door is further in on the right.

I was pleasantly surprised that the menu has changed! (It must have been really long since I last came)

And you know what, at least 7 birthday songs were sang that day excluding mine. (which I told them don't have to sing. Hahhaha)

It was a weekday and it was rather packed. 

Truffle Fries! They are honestly good.

And the brother said, "it's a birthday! So we shall drink".

I hardly eat Lamb Stews but this is actually not bad. I don't like lamb stews because of the smell but this was alright.

This. Is. A. Must. Eat. Wagyu Beef & Mushroom pizza! It's super nice I sure. 

This was some crab pasta I ordered. Not bad though. 

And I request for a waffle dessert to replace my 'cake' :)

I used to think I wouldn't come back again because the menu in the past was.... meh. But now, I guess I'd come back for the pizza!


200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529

Opening hours: 
Daily 10:30 to 00:00

6475 0200

Social Media: 

Friday, February 7, 2014

My driving journey with Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)

Almost a year ago, just like everyone whom had intention to learn driving, I had a major headache trying to decide which should I go for. Should I go to school? Or should I go private?

After much considerations over my friends' experiences and opinions... I decided to go with school. Definitely, it burnt my bank account with the school but I'm glad I've made it through. 


The nearest driving school to me was the one located at Woodlands, SSDC. Though it's not exactly near because from my place to the school takes at least 45 minutes travelling time (on a bad day with bad traffic, it can take me almost an hour). I decided to apply online and booked my Basic Theory Test (BTT) online too. Paid $155.15 for online enrolment and another $6.80 for my BTT. I enrolled myself online on 27 April 2013 and I only managed to book a earliest date on Saturday for BTT on 22 June 2013 (approximately 8 weeks wait)

Because I made an online enrolment, I didn't know (or rather no prominent notification to me) that I would be given my driving booklet and driving study guides. Lucky for me, Hazel just took her BTT for conversion of her Malaysian license and so she passed me the books to study for my test. When I passed my BTT on 22 June 2013, I paid $25 to apply for my first Provision Driving License (PDL). (Man, I was so excited!)

Unfortunately... When I tried to book my classes online.. I realize the weekends were very full all the way till August! So I took some night classes and at the same time booked my Final Theory Test (FTT). I managed to book my FTT on 16 August 2013 and my first lesson on 22 August 2013 which was a Thursday night. (First lesson night time... Great...) I had no choice as I didn't wanted to waste time. Enrolment to the course is valid for a year, and plus PDL is only valid for 6 months (I wanted to plan my time well so I wouldn't have to pay another $25 for the stupid PDL) So I waited for another 8 weeks for my FTT and 9 weeks for my first driving lesson. Unfortunately, I got dengue in August and hence... I failed my FTT (I did not study at all) and had to rebook again. It was another approximately 8 weeks on 4 October 2013. Thankfully, I managed to pass my FTT on the second try. 

On my first day reporting for lesson, I was at a lost of what to do. I went to the information counter and asked where should I report for lesson. So the kind instructors crowding around the information counter at level 1 told me take the lift up to level 3 and look for a TV screen that would show my name. So I went up with just my PDL on hand and looked around. I found this yellow screen TV right beside the toilet and stood there waiting for my name to appear. 

So I saw my name, and my car number. I walked out from the sliding doors feeling butterflies in my tummy fluttering. I was excited but scared at the same time. After all I really wanted to learn driving for the longest time and finally I made my way here. 

I went to look for car 49 at the lanes specified on the information board and sat at the passenger seat and waited for my instructor. 

Soon my instructor appeared at the car and asked for my PDL and driving booklet. It was then I realize, I was supposed to be given a driving booklet to record all my lessons and progress but I didn't have it. So my first instructor, Fami explained everything that I needed to know, what I need to do and etc to me. (I panicked like mad but he told me it is alright and he assured me that so long I have my PDL, he can do the recording on a piece of paper first and I can ask the next instructor who took me to write it in the booklet once I get it.) The first lesson was getting to move the car back and forth, learning about what is the brake, what is the clutch, the changing of gears and etc. It may sound stupid to you if you're a driver and you're reading this but man, changing gears is harder then I thought. I couldn't figure out how to differentiate which gear was which position. At that point of them, getting the car to move back and forth already make me super thrilled. Not to mention thereafter I get to drive rounds and rounds (yes nothing but round and round) on the top level of the circuit. That, made me feel so proud of myself. (idiotic, I know but I'm not denying how thrilled I was.) 2 hours of lesson quickly ended from 8:20pm to 10:20pm. I still remember Fami telling me to take the shuttle bus from SSDC to opposite Admiratly interchange because by the time my class end, it's late and surrounding SSDC were tons of industries and their workers' dormitories. I took his advise and took the shuttle bus to opposite Admiralty and then switched to 925 from that particular bus stop. Usually by the time I'm home, it's almost 11:20pm (which is about an hours' journey though I stay at Yishun.)

My next lesson was on a Sunday, so I went earlier to collect what I should have collect months ago. (like 4 months ago, pfffft) So I got my BTT and FTT guide book, after I've passed my BTT, I also got my blue booklet that records all my training progress. (Now I'm completely 'armed' with the necessities.)

For my second lesson, I got someone new. Someone I didn't know again. I was kinda upset because I don't know if the next instructor would be as nice as how Fami was. But thankfully, my second instructor, Hidayat was a nice instructor too. I was still in the circuit doing all the moving in rounds and rounds. (it may sound boring to you but back then for me was just amazing) 

It makes me wonder if the instructors get bored of just going round and round. For them, I'm probably the 27348th student, but for me it was completely fresh. (I think it's a really tough job. Hahahhaha)

Through Fami, I also learnt the trick to booking slots on the internet. In the beginning, I don't know about what's trysell and I didn't know how to keep refreshing until a slot appears. When I told Fami that I passed my BTT in June but wasn't able to book any lessons in July, he told me that I should treat the website like a stock market. Just camp there, and refresh everyday and I'd definitely get slots. Of course I should prebook my lessons if I have the cash in advance when the windows are open. If I haven't remember wrongly, they open 3 months in advance. True enough, I did as told and I managed to book all the slots I wanted. (Thanks alot Fami, though you'd never read this, but really thank you for being my first instructor and gave me so much advices and tips. I may had been just another student to you, but you'd be one instructor I'd remember)

FINALLY, my first 'road trip' on the Singapore road was on 29 August 2013, 8:20pm. I've gotten yet another instructor again and.... Okay, I call him 'the grumpy old man' but of course he was harmless but very naggy. He brought me on the road and kept nagging at me for 2 hours. Can you imagine it? It was my first time on the road... I was scare.. It was night time, I couldn't see too well, there were so many cars, there were slopes, there were stationery vehicles, there were traffic lights, pedestrians and so much more. 

I honestly, was overwhelmed. I thought I was going to die.

Oh, and I stalled my car beside Republic Polytechnic that traffic light. (Whoever you may be behind me, sorry ah. Lol!)

That day... I kept silent throughout my drive. I was upset because it was my first time but this instructor kept scolding me. I couldn't say anything because it's true, I was a newbie and I sucked. So I shut my mouth and quietly drive. I was very unhappy when my lesson ended and I told myself I don't even want to see him again. I even thought of fixing my instructor to Fami so that I won't have to 'risk' getting another nasty instructor. Fixing an instructor for per lesson would cost me at least another $5 more. So imagine 24 lessons would have cost me at least another $100. Of course, fixing an instructor has it's pros. 

The instructor will know your weakness and strength inside out. You are comfortable with your instructor and chances are you'd always us the fixed instructor's car. But... I gave up the idea eventually. I thought I should just.. adjust myself to any conditions. 

Oh ya, I'm not revealing whose that grumpy old man (hahhahahah) he is nice in his ways, you just have to understand his intentions. And no, it wasn't my last time seeing him. I saw him another 2 times, making total 3 lessons with him.

After my first road trip, every lesson was learning new things. And every time when I have lesson, I never dragged myself to driving before, in fact I was always looking forward to it. Day by day... I went for lessons and more lessons and eventually, I managed to pass all my assessments and subjects. The day for me to book Traffic Police Test (TP) arrived. I-was-fucking-thrilled. 

The only disappointment I had was... I didn't managed to book my TP before I flew Korea last year. It also meant I had to renew my PDL. (sigh) 

So on 28 November 2013, I booked my TP and it was a good 8 weeks wait or so again on 6 February 2014. 

I met another instructor name Letchu, he was a super hilarious instructor. He told me about how I should go about planning my revision classes before my TP. He said, I should at least book 6 lessons more before my TP so that I'd be confident enough. I didn't book 6, but I booked 4 instead. 

My TP was on 6 February, so I booked 1 lesson, 2 weeks before, then another 1 week before and 2 lessons 2 days before. I must say, the 2 days before my TP was super crucial. Lucky star must have shined on me because I got another fantastic instructor. 

2 days before my TP, I was nervous like shit. I wasn't confident and I had problems with looking out for the points for my vertical and parallel parking. I-just-couldn't-see. Don't ask me why. I was at the same time frustrated because every different instructor told me different things. Some told me that I cannot tilt mirror, some tell me can. You know how frustrating it is as a student? We have no one to believe and trust except the instructors and yet every instructors have their own set of ways to do certain things. 

My last, and final instructor was Hilman. The first thing he came in was to ask me, "when is your TP?" I told him, 2 days from now. And he started to drill me on my parkings for 2 hours. I really, park until I got so fed up. Lol. He helped me looked for points that I could see and still able to park. He ditched all the other markings that is according to the book and he took his initiative and creativity to 'create' my own markings that only I know, I can see and still able to aid me to park perfectly. Since it was only a day left to my TP, I decided to fix Hilman for my last lesson. I didn't want to risk having another instructor who have to figure out what my problem was and start to correct me. It'd be too late by then. I'm glad I paid for the extra $9.60 just to fix him. I wouldn't have been able to park well during my test if I haven't met him. (Thank you, even though you'd not likely to read this too but you've no idea how great of a help you've been for me. If it wasn't for you creating those 'markings' for me to understand, I could have failed.) I did told him I don't want to see him again, but of course not because I hate his face or him but because seeing him again means I'd fail, so of course I wouldn't want to see him again! Hahahha. 


And so the day came. I was on my way to school for the last time to take my test. My slot was 10:15am so I was to report to school at 9:15am for my warm up. When I went in the room, I was the only one and it turned out that I was the only one taking class 3 test that day for that slot. My warm-up instructor brought me to the car and took me for 1 last trial before my actual. He indicated that he will correct me immediately when I'm wrong. 45 minutes flew by and I was back at the school in this 'prison' looking room nervously waiting for my turn. I was all alone. I was going mad. Thankfully for all my mates on my apps, I felt better. 

Soon some guys joined me in the room, but they were taking class 4. At 10:15am sharp, my TP test appeared at the door and called for me. I took a deep breathe and... off I went. 

I had to adjust all my mirrors... seat... etc and there it was. In my mind, I was repeating Hilman's voice in my mind. Every point and every mistake I ever made. All the things to look out for, it was going on repeat in my mind. Remembering what each and every instructor once told me. From Hilman, Fami and Hidayat. Each of them whom taught me different parts of the circuit. Soon, I completed my circuit and out I went. I was relief it was over. On the road, it wasn't as clear as it always was. I had never driven on a weekday morning, so I was worried but thankfully.. I was lucky that it wasn't too hard. 

That was it. I passed. I fucking passed! 

I had to surpress my excitement and keep my expression cool. Of course deep inside me I was popping champagne and screaming like a mad ass. I took my result slip and dash out to level 4 to watch the gross video. After it was over, I went to take a photo ID for myself and I was waiting for my turn, to make my license. My driving license. After a good 8/9 months, I made it. I really made it. All the time, money and efforts spent on this driving license was all so worth it. 

My journey with SSDC had been pleasantly fun. I met at least 9 different instructors throughout my 24 lessons there. Each and everyone were patient (almost all hahahaha), nice and made my 2 hours enjoyable all the time. Most of them would chat with me and made lessons interesting. (it's very awkward when 2 people in a silent car... and no one speaks so I'm glad my instructors all had been easy-going and friendly.) 

I will miss the times when I was a trainee and all the stupid mistakes I made. Having someone beside me telling me what to do and where to do. But of course, I look forward to my driving journey on the road on my own from now onwards.

Instructors, thank you once again, and see you when I see you again. :)


Here's my journey in a nutshell. Maybe it would be helpful in planning your driving journey.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bistro: Wawawa @ Bedok Reservior

Sometime ago, Allynn introduced this place to me. I've been wanting to try out and a few days ago I finally did.

It wasn't hard to find this place as it was located right beside the open air car park. From the car park you could see the bistro. We went on a Saturday afternoon.

The entire place was pretty empty and we had a good view of the pond nearby. Super breezy and it actually feels close to nature.

I had a hard time deciding between all day breakfast or pancakes. I love both but I love Salmon more. So I picked Eggs Atlantic.

//Thank you Mike for the treat. <3

Lychee Ice Tea @ $6.50

Iced Caramel Macchiato @ $7.50

Eggs combo (with ham and salmon) @ $14.80

Portion is super decent for the price we paid.

Eggs Alantic @ $13.80

My salmon portion was generous and eggs were perfect. It was awesome. I would love to go back again! Even though it's not exactly super convenient but it's definitely worth to go.

To avoid disappointment on the weekend nights as the restaurant has limited capacity, you might want to reserve first. :)


901, Bedok Reservoir Road,
Singapore 479266.

Opening hours: 
Mon to Thurs & PH - 5pm to 12am
Fri & PH Eve - 5pm to 1am
Sat - 11am to 1am
Sun - 11am to 12am

6285 8038

Social Media: