Sunday, February 9, 2014

Coastal Settlement @ Netheravon Road

I've been here before a long long time ago and a few weeks back, I revisited this place to celebrate my birthday with Kelvin and Dennis.  Honestly, this place is pretty inaccessible at night especially if you don't drive. I took a cab with Kelvin from Tampines MRT here that day.

// Thank you Kelvin & Dennis for the treat. :)

This is actually the back gate or side gate. This isn't the main door, the main door is further in on the right.

I was pleasantly surprised that the menu has changed! (It must have been really long since I last came)

And you know what, at least 7 birthday songs were sang that day excluding mine. (which I told them don't have to sing. Hahhaha)

It was a weekday and it was rather packed. 

Truffle Fries! They are honestly good.

And the brother said, "it's a birthday! So we shall drink".

I hardly eat Lamb Stews but this is actually not bad. I don't like lamb stews because of the smell but this was alright.

This. Is. A. Must. Eat. Wagyu Beef & Mushroom pizza! It's super nice I sure. 

This was some crab pasta I ordered. Not bad though. 

And I request for a waffle dessert to replace my 'cake' :)

I used to think I wouldn't come back again because the menu in the past was.... meh. But now, I guess I'd come back for the pizza!


200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529

Opening hours: 
Daily 10:30 to 00:00

6475 0200

Social Media: 


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