Monday, February 10, 2014

Japanese: Bario Ramen

I realize I'm quite a fan of noodles. I love barchormee, ramens and wanton mee. Hahaha, yellow noodles specially.

Here I am at Bugis+ this ramen galore place. Located at level 4, upon entry you'd be given a card (something similar to marche) for you to tap and order food and later pay at the counter. Michael was introduced to this awesome ramen by his camp mate Nicholas and so we're here to today to let me have a try of the super awesome noodles!

// Thank you Mike for the treat. <3

It was a weekday night and wasn't very crowded. It's free seating and self service.

Here's the card that we each got 1.

This bowl of noodle is about $13/$14 I can't recall.

Just look at the mountain of taugehs. I like them but it was honestly so much I got a little sick eating it.

The noodle, was great. The soup was a little too salty for my liking but nonetheless it was good. We could barely finish 1/2 bowl of soup. (when I eat at ramen play, I usually finish up the soup too.) The pork slices were..... super-awesome. Really. I never eat those pork slices at Aijsen because they suck but this? Really good. I ate it all up! Another ramen place that I would gladly eat the pork slices and not complain is Tonkatsu Kazan.

After finishing all the noodles and pork slices... Michael told me that "legend says that the bottom of the bowl has words written on it but no one has ever seen it." (because no one could finish such salty soup.) So I.... poured my soup into his bowl and...

TADAH! I have no idea what it means but anyway, I bet it was just some nonsense joke he made up.

Hahahahhaa, super lame I know but hey, I'm definitely coming back here for more bario ramen! :)


201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Opening hours: 
Daily 11:30 - 22:30

Walk in basis

Social Media: 

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