Thursday, March 13, 2014

Angus House Charcoal Steak & Yakiniku Grill @ Ngee Ann City

So the last time I actually had good steak was last year around this time was at Black Angus @ Orchard Parade Hotel.

I was scouting around for affordable and yet good steak houses... Places like Lawrys.. Wooloomooloo.. Mortons... were kinda out of the budget for me so in the end I chose Angus House. The prices of their charcoal grilled steaks were about $30-$70 range for per main dish. (it's not that bad compared to the rest.)

Prior to coming, I made a reservations for 2. It was a Monday so we actually didn't had to make any reservations because it was rather empty when we reached. We got a seat by the windows and the view wasn't too bad. (given the fact you're in town area where it's all tall buildings)

Service staff all in 'maid' uniform hahahaha

The prices as stated on the menu for the steaks on the left.

So if you don't wish to eat steak, here's the other menu for you.

We completed the set by topping up $12++ for an appetizer, soup, bread, salad and dessert. Lucky for us, we shared the set because if we didn't share, I probably have no space for the steak.

First up, the appetizer. It's really good. Small portion but tasty fish.

I am assuming each set is only to come with 1 bread but I guess they gave me a complimentary one. So that makes us each have one!

Doesn't look fascinating but it's good too. (maybe cause I like bread and butter.)

We had a choice of 3 soups (which I can't remember now) but I made the choice for corn.

Portion was generous and the soup was delicious.

More corns for you!

Just right portion of salad. Fresh veges make me happy. Hahahha.

It was quite a long wait while we were happily sharing our top-up set meal. Finally, probably about 30 minutes later, our steaks are ready!

I had the Ribeye Charcoal Grilled 200g (man it was just right portion)

By the time the steaks came, the sky was dark.... I was kinda upset cause the lighting wasn't as great. :(

$56 for this steak. Yummeh. I had it medium rare.

Tournedos Steak
(Tenderloin beef wraps with bacon)
250g at $66

Here's how their medium looks like.

Conclusion was, mine was better. Probably cause the sauce was better then the Tournedos. Ribeye for the wins! Finally, it was time for dessert and man, I am very very satisfied with it. There wasn't any menu for us to choose so it was kinda like a 'surprise' for us. So...

Here's a green tea brulee, red bean and cherry! And man, it's very very delicious!

I had a super hard time trying to find the best angle because of the dim lighting... :( The photos don't do any justice to the delicious dessert.

This is probably the best picture I can give. Anyway this is part of the top-up set!

The total bill was about $160 for 2 pax. I wouldn't say it's cheap, but definitely worth the price you paid. Definitely worth a visit for good steaks!

*Happy birthday to you again! <3


Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238872

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1145 to 2200 
(Closed inbetween is 1430 to 1800)

6735 6015

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