Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brozteit German Restaurant and Bar @ Vivo City

I have gone to Brozteit a couple of time and this is the second time I am here at this outlet. I've previously been to the one at 313@Somerset. Comparing this 2 location, I would say that the one at Vivo City is has a slightly better ambience because it's 'by the sea' but of course it was pretty humid and not much air-conditioning.

As we made plans to celebrate Mike's birthday there, we made a reservation for 6 pax a week ahead. I actually tried my luck to see what they could offer me if I told them it was a birthday celebration. So to my pleasant surprise, they offered to give me a complimentary birthday cake! I was quite pleased with the email correspondence and kinda looked forward to how the cake would look like.

When we reached Brozteit, I quickly wanted to look for the staff who was emailing me and in the end the staff was on leave! :( I was pretty worried that it'd be a empty promise so I quickly showed them the email exchanges and the floor manager actually said, okay he will deal with it.

Finally all that's settled, we decided to order our food.

While looking at the menu... we had a hard time trying to choose what to eat. And I realized the menu was slightly different from the one at 313@Somerset (or is it because I've not been back to Brotzeit for a long time so I forget what I last ate?)

So we all decided to go with a main plus a salad or pizza to share.

Here's our view.

We all ordered beers! My favourite has got to be Affensaft! It is weissbier with banana syrup or mango juice. And I always go with mango juice :) Totally love it. 0.5 litres at $14.50.

When the pork ribs came... I was like *jaw drop* the portion is huge! Mike and I had difficulty finishing it too!

Ripperl @ $32.50
Honey Bavarian Pork Ribs
Beer infused Bavarian honey pork ribs served with potato wedges and sauerkruat

This is sauerkruat. Something... sourish. I didn't eat much.

Meersfruchtesalat @ $12.50 (Small portion)
Seafood salad
Smoked salmon, seared tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, olives, frilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing

Brotzeit Fladen Speck @ $17.50
Bacon Pizza
Bacon, vine-ripened, tomatoes, chilli, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce on our homemade dark rye fladenbrot

Brotzeit Fladen Huhn @ $17.50
Chicken Pizza
Spicy chicken sausage, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce on our homemade dark rye fladenbrot

Kaserkrainer @ $17.50
Pork Cheese Sausages
Served with homemade potato salad and sauerkraut

So after dinner... it was the moment I was waiting for! I wanted to know what cake would they be offering us and guess what...

Instead of giving us a cake... they gave us 2 complimentary dessert from the menu! Really unexpected of them! So in the end, we didn't had to order any dessert and we got desserts to share!

Kasierchmarren @ $12.50
Pancake with Rum and Raisins
Freshly prepared and served with plum sauce

Schokokuchen @ $12.50
Warm Chocolate Cake
Served with a scoop of stracciatella ice cream

Honestly the dessert were awesome. You can probably skip the ribs because it was kinda hard... It's tasty but really too stiff. We had a hard time chewing. Of course the sausages would not go wrong, so it's a safe choice to make. The pizzas were average.

Am very happy with the pleasant complimentary dessert as birthday cake for Mike! Good service.

For 6 people, we spent about $240.


1 Habourfront Walk

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1200 to 0000

6272 8815

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