Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cafe: Grub @ Bishan Park

It was a Sunday night when I took a trip to Grub located at Bishan Park. I've been to Bishan Park to dine at Canopy before. Grub is located at the other side, about 2-3 minutes drive downwards from the direction of Canopy. We found the nearest carpark we could in the park and took a short 5 minutes stroll over to Grub.

It was pretty crowded when we got there. We took our queue numbers and went to a nearby bench to wait for the call. While waiting for your turn, maybe you could decide what you want to eat in advance by looking at their online menu.

The entire restaurant was like, in-the-middle-of-nowhere. It's pretty breezy but we didn't get the al fresco seats. The entire interior was cozy and it felt like I was in someone's house because of the 'dry-kitchen' setting they had as counter tables. Though it was a little cramped because of space constraints but overall, it was okay. Definitely child friendly. There was this kid right behind me tapping my back at least 3 times and his mom didn't even know. (that's how closely seated we are. and no, I did not stare at the kid at all.)

Initially when the food were served, I thought it wouldn't be filling for me because it looks small. Well, I was wrong. By the time I finished my burger.. I barely had enough space for my fries! Though the burger looks small but man.. the portion of the pork steak was pretty generous.

We enjoyed the dinner and especially Joel, he loved the mentaiko fries. (if you want more sauce, it's $2)

For 4 of us we spent about $92 for 2 drinks, 2 sides and 4 mains.

//Thank you Joel!

For the hot weather recently.. It was really a good day for us.

Here's the 'backside' of Grub.

Here's the 'frontside' of Grub!

So they don't let you clog up the space but instead you key in your details and wait for their call!
Which I think it's pretty creative because... it's a park!
You can take a stroll or sit at some benches nearby rather then having to queue up and feed mosquitoes.

This was the view from our bench while we waited for our turn. 

Ice Lemon Tea @ $3

Soup of the day was mushroom @ $8

Slow cooked pork belly @ $16
Well, I don't really like the mash potatoes because somehow.. there was a weird after taste.
But the pork belly was not bad. (I'm not a major pork belly fan)

Here's my awesome Pork Steak Burger @ $13

See what I mean by 'small portion'? Ya, but you'd be surprise I had a hard time trying to finish my fries!

And no pineapple for me. (removed thereafter this picture was taken and into Mike's mouth.)

Crispy fish burger that looks like a spaceship @ $14

The fish, was awesome. And I'm a fish lover! You ought to try this!

This is the mentaiko fries with seaweed and Joel totally dig this. This for $9.

Sorry for the bad angle but this is chicken thigh burger that has slight thai taste @ $12.
Which I don't really like it. 

*Photos are taken with Canon S100.

510 Ang Mo Kio 
Avenue 1 (Bishan Park 1)
Singapore 569983 

Opening hours: 
Tue - Fri 1730 to 2230
Sat Sun 0900 to 1600/ 1730 to 2230
Note the 1.5 hours break there
Monday's closed

Walk-in (no reservations)

Social Media: 

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