Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Platypus Kitchen @ Bugis Junction

Another new adventure but to much dismay. A total of 8 of us took a trip to Platypus for a birthday celebration for Mike. (first I wanna thank everyone for being super cooperative in letting to me take photos of their food) 

The layout of the shop looked promising and the set meals looks delicious. We actually had a hard time deciding what to eat while waiting for the rest to arrive. Their dinner set meals came with drinks and also the selective choices of pastas and main dishes. 

The ambience of the restaurant was good and it was rather too quiet for a Saturday night. Well they were barely full house at 7pm. (Which should be alarming because Bugis should be rather crowded right.)

We didn't think too much of that and decided on our food. I was kinda excited because the pictures looked good! Unfortunately... I forgot to bring my camera out that day so all photos are taken with my iPhone 5. 

So here's the sets for you to choose.

Mike did an upgrade for this. Which I actually can't recall what name is this.

Mushroom soup that came with the set, it was average.

Pumpkin soup which I didn't really liked it.

Tomato Soup that looks alittle too much tomato. Not a fan so I didn't personally try it.

Truffle fries @ $6.90 and it was probably the only thing nice there.

Sundried Pesto, which sucked according to Chris. It was way too salty, and I gotta agree with it because I too, gave it a try.

Carbonara, probably the only carbonara that taste bitter. Basically, it sucked too.

Black & White Scallop which was average.

Crab & Tobiko Bucati which was average, a little salty. 

Pork belly that was not bad. 

Truffle whipped potato @ $6.90 was average.

Duck Confit which was not bad.

Seared chicken that was just bad. Allynn didn't even finish 1/2 the chicken.

Basically we spent $193 and it's totally not worth it. Except for the ambience, there's really nothing else good about that place.

You can just skip this restaurant unless you're feeling adventurous.


Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 1200 to 2200

6884 6884

Social Media: 
Website | Facebook

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