Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stella @ Changi Coast

Stella is a perfect place if...

  1. you drive, ride or don't mind taking a cab
  2. loves the sea 
  3. need romantic ambience
  4. looking for a relaxed evening
  5. need a venue for wedding
  6. or just another new place to eat
We came on a Sunday evening, it wasn't too packed at about 6:30/7:00pm-ish but it's still better to make a reservation. (just in case they have events or something at least you'd be informed when you call up to make reservations.)

The entire place is really open. We had a seat by the sea (literally beside-the-sea) the only thing separately me and the water was some fencing. But it was a good view. Relaxing and comfortable.

They don't have a very wide variety on their menu but I guess you're here for more of the ambience with average food.

Here's the view right side me.

NEVER. I said N-E-V-E-R try and order their truffle fries because it's the worst truffle fries ever. Just don't.

Although the Chinese vegetable looks a little out of place but the Norwegian Salmon was good.

Very small portion, but just right for me.

Stupid dried and tasteless fries. But the burger was passable.

Portion is a little pathetic.

The total bill was about $75. Honestly, the food is average. Towards the evening, there were live band and the crowd started to come. I prefer the scenery before the sun sets though after that had a slight 'romantic' feel due to the live band and dim lights surrounding.

Well.. it's by the sea so you can expect mosquitoes and.. yeah, I saw two hugeass cockroaches taking a stroll on the rocks and yes, that freaked me out. (not that they are unhygienic but because it's by the sea.. you see, mother nature. So it's not their fault) That's why we decided to bill earlier then we expected we would.

Go back for a drink and chill out with snacks but NO, N-O truffle fries would be good enough. Maybe you can skip the mains.


NSRCC Sea Sports Centre
11 Changi Coast Walk
Singapore 499740

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1200 to 0000

6214 9168

Social Media: 
Website | Facebook

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