Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cafe: Waffle Slayer

I've been to strangers' reunion once and thought that the food was kinda pricey and didn't really feel it was worth it. (you can read the entry here.) So I saw Waffle Slayer on the magazines and thought that a squid ink waffle was rather interesting and wanted to try it out. I've also heard comments from friends saying that strangers' waffles are pretty decent too.

So Mike and I made our way down to waffle slayers on a Saturday afternoon. Since we're been to strangers' reunion before, we roughly knew where it was located. If you haven't been to strangers', I'm sure you'd miss the entrance to waffle slayer. There's basically no signage or board to say it's slayers. But just remember, it's just right beside strangers, and you'd probably see a queue outside strangers. There wasn't any queue for us at slayer when we reached (at about 1plus) but shortly after it was a super long queue.

Well, waffle slayer serves you not just their waffle menu but also strangers' brunch menu. So you can find like all-day breakfast and sides like their truffle fries too.

We both wanted to each get a savoury and sweet waffle but upon knowing that we could order the all-day breakfast, we went ahead with 1 side, which is truffle fries. Another main, all-day breakfast and ended off with a sweet waffle and 2 drinks to go along.

I am pleasantly pleased with the waffle! I can't compare it with salted caramel's because it's completely different. I had the red velvet waffle and man.. it's really good. Red velvet waffles with chocolate chips, some sugar coated cereals, orange slices and vanilla ice cream. (huge portion of ice cream!)

Just remember this 'old' looking door, this is waffle slayers.
Everything on the menu just seems delicious. Okay I need to try the squid ink, the peanut butter and the matcha.

Cafe mocha @ $5.50
Just, nothing fantastic.

Iced mocha @ $6.50

Truffle fries @ $12.90

Florentine @ $17.90

Eggs where good but I guess for this portion, the price I'm paying is slightly too much.
Oh and this is from strangers' kitchen. So.... meh, nothing fantastic.

Finally, the spotlight!
Red Velvet Waffles @ $14.90

It was really good. And there's some orange with it too.
Which I thought it was peach and... my face changed the moment I ate it.


No go for the menu from stangers, just order the waffles, have some plain water and that's sufficient.


37 Kampon Bahru Road
Singapore 169356

Opening hours: 
Wed - Mon: 09:00 - 22:00
Closed: Tue

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