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Restaurant Week 2014: Shelter In The Woods

Though I've heard of restaurant week before, but I've not actually tried it myself. Thanks to Kelvin for lending me his priority queue to be able to secure a booking before the actual release to the public! (trust me, popular restaurants gets booked so quickly it's like you're trying to buy Jay Chou tickets on SISTIC)

So what's restaurant week? 

Picture credited to Restaurant Week's website.

Well, to me it's simple. It's just a week that I get to choose which 'atas' (which means high class) restaurant that I want to go at a fixed price of either $25++ (for lunch) and $35++ (for dinner) for a 3-course meal. There are certain restaurants that charges slightly higher then the fixed prices but really, if you look at the actual menu, you'd be very happy because even if you're paying like $80 per head, it's actually worth twice the amount. So if you compare it this way, I guess it's pretty worth it.

Generally most participating restaurants are good. More like what type of cuisine you prefer.. the kind of ambiance.. location etc.

For the recent restaurant that just ended from 15 March to 24 March 2014, below are the list of restaurants that participated.

*The star represents that the restaurant is awarded with DiningCity Star (which means awesomely good I guess?) So for that extra star...it requires additional top up of $15++ (for lunch) and additional $25++ (for dinner).  

Worth the top up or not,  you decide. (my friend went for it, though it complaint it was pricey but it was definitely worth the price he paid. The ambiance, the food, the service..) So it really depends if you would like to try or not. My take? Give it a shot. Even if the dinner cost you at least $70 per pax for a 3-course meal, you know that you're just probably paying 1/2 of whatever you just ate. So why not?

I took some screen grabs from the restaurants that participated in the March 2014 Restaurant Week.

I would love to try Salt Grill & Sky Bar...
but this was selling fast like hot cakes!

Yes, Wooloomooloo was hot cakes too.

Restaurant Week is solely for online booking online. How does it go? Simple.

  1. Go to http://www.restaurantweek.sg/lang/en (the next one is in October)
  2. Choose the restaurant you want (and be quick!)
  3. Select the time, date and pax (just like any online booking)
  4. Pray hard there are available seats for you
  5. Ta-dah! You get a email confirmation!

Days to the actual date of your booking, restaurant week will constantly send you email reminders about it. I booked my March 2014 one in February 2014, so I guess you might forget about it after 2-3 weeks. It's good they send you reminders!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. You can browse their 3-course menu and decide which restaurant you would like to visit. Some restaurants would say 'surprise menu'. Which means you don't know what you're in for! Which is kind of exciting for me. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted and I thought, I'd just heck it. I simply sorted it by the reviews and rating and then booked the one at the top. Mine was surprise menu and yes, I was pleasantly surprised for my delicious, happy dinner.

As much as I've enjoyed, hope you'd get a chance to go too! Watch out for the next 'opening' and grab your seats! :)

Okay I think, I've 'spoke' enough of restaurant week. Now to the main point. Where did I go. Hahahahaha.


Smarty you, yes I went Shelter In The Woods. (well it's actually on the title hahahha.)  I made my booking on Sunday, 6pm. The place was really small and cozy. It felt like I was 'overseas' because it doesn't feel local-ish (if you know what I mean). We were seated at the counter seats, though I wasn't very comfortable with it but eventually it felt better.

Well well, here's the surprise!

I guess this was complimentary, not in the menu. It's was a little wait before the dishes came so this was good to kill some 'munching' time.

Both of us had soft cooked egg, sauteed mushroom and sabayon. (Iberico ham and fried barley)

This, is what I call good eggs.

Smoked spring chicken 'chasseur' confit french baby potatoes in butter & aromates

I would usually not go for chicken... but this is really, I mean really awesome.

Portion looks small but trust me, by the end of 3 courses, I was exploding.
Wish I could eat this again...

Beef cheeks' bourguignonne with silky mash potato

Mike totally enjoyed this too.

Gateau basque was what it was called but basically it's blueberry. LOL! And if it's blueberry, I loved it to the max.

Apple tart with dragees (ice cream was rum and raisin!)

We topped up $5 each for a small cup of tea thereafter.

A super satisfying meal that ended my Sunday wonderfully!


22 Greenwood Avenue

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 22:30
Fri: 18:00 - 23:00
Sat & Sun: 11:00 - 14:00
Sat & Sun: 18:00 - 23:00

6466 6225 

Social Media: 

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