Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cafe: Le'toile

This is probably another quiet cafe with a cozy ambience. I went on a Saturday at about 1plus for brunch. There's not much parking around it but there's a HDB parking about 5 minutes away nearby the cafe. You should be able to see the signage by the road side showing the carpark sign.

What I really liked about the place was.. it was quiet, and the entire cafe felt slightly vintage. With all those wooden tables and chairs, made me feel happy. (I am biased against wooden stuff cause they are just so nice.)

A wide choice of sides, mains and drinks which I had a hard time again deciding what I want to eat. For all the all-day-breakfast I've visited, it's almost 100% I would order a poached egg. So for a change.. I decided to try something else and.. man, I'm glad I tried it!

Mike had the poached eggs (probably he ordered that just in case I regretted my decision) while I had the french toast. I've always been a great fan of bread of all kinds since I was a kid! The french toast was really good.. honey with a hint of cinnamon in it. Their menu was quite adorable. Felt like a school textbook with content page and then sub headers. Not to mention the handwriting was cute. (It looks handwritten)

I would prefer to go for refreshing teas but I felt like a hot chocolate that day. It was good, thick and not too sweet. Mocha was good too. We shared a huge-ass plate of shoestring truffle fries and I was a happy girl. (totally love shoestrings!) 

The cakes in the shelves were like calling for me but... I was too full by then to munch on anything after my happy toast and fries.. :(

While waiting for the food to be served, I pop-ed by the side by the cashier and checked out their 'mini-store'. They were selling some handmade stuff and crafts. Files, and notebooks etc. Take a look if you're bored.

//Thanks Mike for the monthly cafe trip!

I forgot to bring my camera out that day... so I had to make do with my phone. Photos are taken by iPhone 5.

You probably can't miss this cause the sign is so huge.

No need to even ask for water, served upon seated!

Hot Chocolate $4.50

I find the cup pretty interesting.

Mocha $5.20

Truffle Fries $14

Quite expensive IMO since a main dish can match up this price but then again, it was good. (Also, Mike's colleague highly recommended this)

French Toast $9.50

Not a very appealing presentation but trust me, the toast, egg and bacon tasted awesome. I really enjoyed it alot.

Eggs Benedict $14.90

Poached eggs approved!

A place I would definitely re-visit! The prices are affordable, not to mention the food is good. You could just relax your afternoon there and avoid the humid weather out there.


160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 1100 to 2200
Sat - Sun 900 to 2200


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