Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cafe: Stateland Cafe

Saw this newly opened cafe on the magazines and decided to take a trip to visit this place. It's some distance from Bugis MRT station (probably like 10 - 15 minutes on comfortable walking pace). The cafe doesn't take any reservations and the cafe is rather small. I rather about 25 seatings in the aircon and about 5-6 outside of the cafe, by the road side (not the main road so it's okay to dine out) 

We went on a Monday, arrived at about 6:45/7ish and we're pretty lucky to get hold of the last seats. (It was fully occupied by then). Cafe's menu is pretty decent with mains and desserts. Oh, they only accept cash and the nearest ATM is some distance away... So please prepare cash before heading over. 

We had a hard time deciding on 2 mains 1 dessert or 1 main and 2 desserts... and eventually we gave in to the temptation of desserts! (woman, hahahahhahaa). Anyway, I wanted to try how the red velvet waffle would taste like since I was so taken away by Waffle Slayer's red velvet waffle (it was truly awesome). So we had 1 toast, 1 waffle and 1 savoury big breakfast. 

When the big breakfast was served, we were both stunned because... it wasn't what we pictured it to be. It was rather a refreshing presentation (at least for me, maybe not for you) and it was good. Though I question the value-for-money-ness of the portion for the price paid... Nonetheless, we enjoyed the big breakfast together. 

We moved on to the waffles, which I was sooooooo looking forward too. But meh. I was utterly disappointed. Maybe because I was very excited about, naturally had high expectations... and then *drops* to the ground. Well, you can skip this. Nuff said

Lastly, the toast! My partner for the night is a avid lover for toast and was raving about how great Bangkok's toast is (which I am and must try on my next trip). The verdict was that... the toast was better (of course) then the waffles but lose to the one in Bangkok (after you dessert is the cafe name) and... I just went another toast place but the entry isn't up yet, it's called Molly Coddle. Stateland wins Molly Coddle overall. So, good job on the toast!

Oh, good news? Prices at nett. :) My favourite kind of thing. Hahhahaha.

Stateland's big breakfast @ $17.90

Disappointing red velvet waffle @ $14.90

Good Classic Honey toast @ $11.90


30 Bali Lane

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 00:00
Sun: 10:00 - 18:00
Closed: Tue

No Reservations

Social Media: 

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