Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dim Sum: 一点心 Hong Kong Dim Sum

Big names like Swee Choon Tim Sum, Victor's Kitchen and 126 Dim Sum... I'm sure you've heard of them. I am a lover of dim sums (especially liu sha bao 流沙包!) so I did some google and found out that right near Sin Chie Toke Huan, there's a dim sum place next street down.

We made a trip there on a Saturday late noon and surprisingly, it was pretty empty. We were like the only customers there. (later then I realized that their opening hours is until 6pm, maybe that's why it's pretty quiet.) Just so if you're wondering, 一点心 is within a coffee shop, not a standalone stall on its own. Not hard to find them because their banner/stall decoration and logo is all in pink.

We found ourselves some seats and flipped through the menu. The selection is pretty limited but good enough for me.

Here's what they have to offer you, and the prices together.

So you choose your orders here, then pass it over to the counter. 

Steamed BBQ Pork Pau (2pcs) 蚝皇叉烧包 @ $2

Not too bad. 

Steamed Carrot Cake 腊味萝卜糕 @ $2.20

I only like to eat fried carrot cakes but this, was good. You should try it!

Lean Pork Congee 香滑瘦肉粥 @ $2.50

Mediocre, you can skip this.

Signature Salted Egg Custard Pau (3pcs) 香滑瘦肉粥 @ $3.30

I tried my best to show how awesome the bun is. Hahhaaa, it's fantastic!

Yi Dian Xian Prawn Dumpling (3pcs) 一点心虾饺 @ $3.30

This is awesome too.

Rice Roll with Char Siew (BBQ Pork) 叉烧肠粉 @ $2.50

Beancurd Prawn Roll (3pcs) 鲜虾腐皮卷 @ $2.90

Sorry for the blur picture but this is the best I could get. 

We had 7 dishes and we only paid $18.70! Really, who wouldn't go there to eat? The food is good, so is the price. And the owner of the stall is really humble and nice. If you're up early or it's a weekend, just pop by this dim sum place for some good satisfying dim sum meal.

Definitely coming back here!


1012 Upper Serangoon Road 
Teo Seng Eating House

Opening hours: 
Daily 0700 to 1800
Closed on Alternate Tuesdays

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