Sunday, May 11, 2014

Japanese: Tsukada Nojo

Everytime I walk past this particular restaurant at Plaza Singapura, I always notice the long queue but I never had the chance to go and try. Pretty turn-off by long queues sometimes...

Thanks to Ally, we managed to get a seat pretty instantly because she went to 'chope' place first while we made our way there.

It's a very small shop with constrained space to even walk around. The tables are relatively smaller and our stuff were like 'overcrowded'. We went in with just one thing in mind, the-collagen-pot-of-goodness. So we immediately just pointed to that and made an order for 4 and yay! Feasting beings!

//Thank you Ally for the treat.

Trust me, just order this for 4 pax and you'd be damn full.

Hi Collagen. 

Look at this tray of food! It's too much for us to finish!

This side dish was really good. I forgot what's the name because I wasn't the orderer but I guess this is their famous side dish. Just ask the service staff what's their popular side dish and probably would be this.

This is what happens when the full bowl of chunky collagen is melted!

We didn't had to do anything... All we did was to wait and the staff actually 'cooked' for us!

These noodles are meant to be eat at the last.

And here's a free dessert that comes with personalized chicken faces. (so you can see, 3 girls 1 specky boy)

So this is what we each all got for dining there once!

Okay, the pot looks a little... unsightly but the soup is good!

If you haven't tried it, please do! It's pretty filling and satisfying actually.


Plaza Singapura
#03-81 (New Wing)

Opening hours: 
Daily 1130 to 1500
Daily 1700 to 2200


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