Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Au Chocolat at Marina Bay Sands

Reservations with Au Chocolat has been made easy with Chope! Have you tried reserving with Chope before? I really like it because I prefer the hassle-free booking system. Anything but calling. Sometimes it frustrates me a little when the person on the other line either can't get my name.. or maybe I have to repeat 5 times my phone number etc. Having the peaceful convenient of no waiting time and just a few clicks on the mouse and keying a few details and... tadah! Reserved.

Chope sends you reminder on the day itself as well and not to mention reservation confirm emails will be sent to you. Though no SMS notification but... Cmon, who doesnt use a smartphone these days. It's so easy to access your emails on the go.

Enough of chope, here's what we had for the night.

Au Chocolat isn't new to most but still, I'd show you what we had and hopefully it helps you to decide if it's worth the money.

Portions are generous and so are the prices. There were 5 of us and the bill choke up to almost $250. This is another of those (to me) more expensive places that I would only dine for special occasions. This time, it was a birthday celebration for one of my dining companions.

We went on a Monday, the entire Au Chocolat was almost empty. I guess it's pretty normal for a weekday night.

For your convenience, here's their online menu at a glance. And it's good because they show you the price too. So you don't get a shock of your life when you're there. Don't forget to factor your 10% and 7% GST in.

Truffle fries $15

I am not a fan of steak cut fries. But my dining companions enjoyed it quite abit. Especially the BBQ sauce.

Traditional Caesar $15

Always my choice for salad, it never goes wrong.

Ultimate Benedict $22
Hot fluffy pancake topped with sauteed spinach, tomatoes,
crispy bacon, roasted ribeye steak, roasted chicken
and two poached eggs with au chocolat red wine
and dark chocolate infused hollandaise sauce

When it came I was... Whoa. How come my dish so funny looking. Well, I had to take it off layer by layer to eat. The pancake wasn't good, bacon was alright. The sauce was pretty decent. Didn't like the beef cause of the 'beefy' taste. Poached eggs were acceptable. Just the pancakes, rather disappointing.

Au Chocolat King Breakfast $26
Pan-fried chicken chipolata sausages, crispy bacon, smoked salmon, black truffle scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, tater tots, sliced avocado and brioche bread with butter

Pretty average all-day breakfast which makes it slightly disappointing for the price you have to pay.

Duck Confit $28
Pan-roasted duck thigh served with potato mash, a white win poached pear and topped off with tangy chocolate orange sauce

I thought this was pretty decent. Though slightly on the high side for such a portion, it was barely enough for my friend. Lucky for him, we shared ours with him. Hahahaha.

The Great Carnivore $20
Ham, mushrooms and cheddar cheese sauteed to perfection with three eggs, served with tater tots, cripsy bacon strips, pan-fried chipolata sausages and brioche bread

The eggs are really awesome. Really, you could taste the difference of scramble eggs from this to the king's breakfast. If you love scramble eggs, this is definitely for you.

Cordon Bleu Chicken $25

This is a May special so I guess it's probably off the menu now. It's pretty decent but the portion was barely enough for my friend. Well, we had a bit of sharing here and there so everyone had a good fair share of food.

By the time we finished the fries, the salad and all our mains... We were all bursting. But of course we're not giving dessert a miss!

Au Chocolat Tower Cake $18
6 layers of moist chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate chantilly & crunchy chocolate pearls,
enrobed in dark chocolate ganache, served with warm fudge sauce and vanilla gelato

Honestly, all 5 of us had difficulty finishing this. We were too full to begin with, and this was very very sweet. But it's nice, if you love super sweet chocolates.

Oh, all my dining companion for the night was growing boys, so you can totally imagine the portions.

I've came here before so this is a re-visit. Food is good with great ambiance that's worth to come once in awhile for special occasions like this.


Bay Level L1-03
Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 575629

Opening hours: 
Daily 1000 to 2300


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