Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cafe: Group Therapy @ Duxton Road

This cafe has been on my list for awhile now that I finally got the chance to try it. Down at Duxton there's actually quite a bit of cafes that you can check out. One that I've been to would be Department Of Caffeine which is located at 15 Duxton Road. Just slightly further down from where group therapy is.

As we couldn't reserve, I made it to Group Therapy first and waited for the rest to come. They do have a policy that if everyone in the group hasn't arrive, they can't release the seat to you. Good to know this point though.

I had a waiting area for me to wait and browse the menu and decide what I wanted. Group Therapy isn't very big, probably 35-45 seater? Just my wild guess. Big groups like 8-10 would have a problem cause from what I saw, there was only 1 long table with high chairs good for big groups.

Anyway, something I ought to comment them for is the service. I like how flexible they are and they are very courteous towards their customers. (I know it sounds like, duh~ all cafes will be courteous what. Well, I've seen nasty ones, maybe you just haven't met.)

So what happened... I was meeting 3 other dining companions and all of them were late. 2 were caught in a jam and 1 ended work late. So 2 of us waited for the other 2 that was caught up in the jam for bout 30 minutes. Because my friend wanted to order some drinks first he asked if we could have the table while waiting for our friend.

The rule was, "no full group, can't have seats" but the waitress offered us an alternative. She said, "I can give you this table (pointing to the table that can fit 5 guest) first while waiting for your friend, but if there's a 2pax customer that comes along, we will place them beside you. When your friend arrive, we will re-arrange for a 4 pax seater for you."

She did not outright reject and stick to her rules. She gave us an option, and told us about it clearly. Throughout she had been polite and nice. Which I really don't think she needed to go to that extend because why? Group therapy was really packed and people were willing to wait, just like us. Oh, and guess what, they don't charge service fee.

Good service? Definitely, and it deserves to be mentioned. Good job there!

They are located on level 2, and there's not major banners on the ground floor. So keep a lookout for a grass patch and black door!

Rather interesting door knob.

And you're be greeted by this the moment you open the doors!

Peach Soda $6.50 & Mango Citrus $6 (left to right) 

Skip the peach soda it's not very fantastic. Go for the mango instead, it's better, and cheaper :p

Hunter's Chicken $19 (w/o GST)

Wasn't too bad, edible and pretty filling.

Thick toast with Smoked Salmon $15

Looks like a small portion? I almost couldn't finish it and man, it was reallyyyyyyyyyy good. You have to order this if you love poached eggs with salmon and hollandaise sauce. Really. ORDER. Lol.

Totally... awesome.

Sunnyside up with Ham and Avacado $16

I'm not a fan of sunnyside ups but it was good according.

Of course it's almost mandatory to finish a meal with desserts nowadays. And here we have a waffle for 4 of us to share because we're too full for 2 to share 1.

Waffles with fruits, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream $12

They don't have alot of flavours of ice cream but the waffles was light, crispy and fragrant. A good waffle to satisfy your dessert portion of the meal.

It's pretty easy to get to group therapy via Tanjong Pagar MRT station, and you take the Exit A. After you exit, you turn right, walk straight until you can see Orchid Hotel (super long queue for the Tonkatsu king which I've also been wanting to try..), walk past that tonkatsu king and you'd see a traffic light, cross it and turn right, then continue on until you see Duxton Road side and turn right and walk straight all the way. It would be on the right handside of the row of shophouses when you're facing them. 

It's roughly about 10 minutes walk down. Haven't tried? Time to give it a try!


49 Duxton Road
#02-01 Singapore 089513

Opening hours: 
Mondays: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am to 6pm 
Fridays - Saturdays: 11am to 11pm 
Sundays & PH: 10am to 6pm

6222 2554

Social Media: 

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