Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cafe: Old School Delights brings you back to school!

I remember those days back in school when the bell rings everyone gets ready to race to the canteen to queue up for food. Some would 'chope' seats at the benches by putting their bottles etc. I kinda miss those benches and long tables in the canteen that so many of us just squeeze together in one table and gobble down our lunches together like a big family.

Miss that feeling? Fret not! There's this new Old School Delights opened right at Upper Thomson Road.

I wanted to make reservations but they didn't allow reservations for 2pax (only for more than 6 pax). But lucky for us, we managed to grab some seats on a Sunday afternoon.

Well, we have to share the table with someone else but hey, it's alright! That made it even feel more like canteen style cause... there's always this chance that the long bench is shared by different people.

We settled down and was given the menu and... whoa, the menu looks really good. (as in the design of it)

//PS: Pardon for the quality of photos cause.. I forgot to bring my camera, again

This really brought back memories. The design of this menu is pretty creative. The menu consist of local delights like Laksa, Hor Fun, Nasi Lemak and Curry Chicken etc. A good range of sides and beverages too.

You're given a board and a marker to write your own orders before handling it over to them. So here's what we have ordered.

While waiting for our food.. I began to explore my table and I found this little box. Wondering what it was, I opened it up and...

Ta-dah! Old school games! Everything inside this box is totally my era. I've played the stones, the rubber (I know it was pretty much a boy's game but I liked it too). Old maid is definitely a girls' must know and snake and ladder is just idiot proof.

Well I guess if you're bored while waiting, have a game or so! But let me tell you, the food was served so quickly that.. I think it came within 10 minutes. It made me wonder if they even did cook the food!

Curry Chicken @ $9.80

Everything up till before the food was served, was good. After the food came, I was terribly disappointed.

First, the rice was hard. Dry and, you know what's coming. I don't like it.

Second, the curry was... so oily and I tell you, toast box currry chicken wins this hands down. And c'mon, toast box is even cheaper then this? Totally not worth it.

The chicken was alright, but sorry everything just got screwed up by the curry. Of course, I didn't finish it. Not the curry, nor the chicken, neither the rice. My take? Skip this, really.

Mocha - Cino @ $4.90

Ah, I don't even want to explain how this taste, just skip this too.

Hor Fun @ $8.80

This to me was kinda just normal, my dining companion managed to finish it up though.

Crinkle fries @ $4.80

Of course the fries was decent, this can't go wrong.

Chewy Chocolate Cake @ $5.80

Looks good?


Terrible cake that I didn't even wanted to finish. (I just had coffee bean's Tiramisu, I thought that was bad, this is equally bad)

Maybe you'd like it but it wasn't the kind of sticky chewy chocolate I was expecting? The cake was tad too dry and it tasted a little saltish? I don't know but no, this is not a good chocolate, and definitely not worth to try.  

This, is really a good place with great ambiance to relieve the school/childhood feel. If you're particular about food, no this is not the place for you.

Sorry but once is enough even though the price is decent. I had 2 drinks, 1 side, 2 mains and a dessert for $42. I'd rather spend this somewhere else though.

Meh, OSD you disappointed me.


215M Upper Thomson Road
singapore 547349

Opening hours: 
Tues to Fri 1130 to 2230
Sat & Sun 1100 to 2230


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