Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do you have an EXIT PLAN to escape?

Hot and trending in Singapore is this new reality game room that locks you in the room! (you pay money to get yourself locked. hahahhaha) 

There's really a couple of them and some themes are pretty interesting. You can choose from those harmless looking once to those scary vampire/undead themes.

Ever since it came to Singapore, I've been wanting to try them out for myself! But... paying $28 per person.. I'm not too sure if I'd enjoy or not. If you're like me, (cheapo and yet want to give it a try of this concept of reality game room...) then you can visit Exitplan!

Exit plan cost you only $15 on a weekday and $18 on a weekend! That's almost $10 lesser then $28 and the location is so near Duxton that the $10 you saved could fund you on a waffle (with some top ups).

We were not allowed to bring any bags/cameras/phones beyond some point and it had to be locked away.

Oh yes, we went on a Sunday night and mind you, the booking was pretty full. Lucky for us we managed to grab a small room for 4.

It's always good to check out their website and check for their booking availability.... here. Always book in advance, or check to avoid disappointment!

Getting to Exitplan is pretty easy. We parked at Oriental Plaza, which is just beside exitplan and since it was after 5pm, it was just a flat rate per entry charge of $2.14.

Once you reach Oriental Plaza, parked. Get on to level 1, the ground floor. Exit the plaza, turn right, you should be able to spot Manbok this Korean BBQ place from far. And just right beside Manbok you'd find the door to Exitplan. They don't have hugeass posters, (which I assume they can't put there as they definitely would but you will not miss their little signboard above the letter box.) 

If the doors' locked, there's a passcode for you to key in which is 4242!

This is their little signage!

Happy climbing to level 3 and you'd not miss the door. Really.

See what I mean? How to miss a door like this. Lol.

We stepped in was greeted by their staff in the exitplan tees and the entire room was filled with photographs and more photographs of people who had played way before us.

So many people, like really alot. Lol.

So we were briefed on some basics and to know before being brought to our rooms.

So here's my review after spending a painful 50 minutes locked in the harmless looking room. Since there was 4 of us, they recommended Focus Pocus (a poker theme) game room for us. They have Friends of Eriden (I took a peep and this room looks absolutely like a child's room. Totally harmless) and The Cursed Chamber (which is the scarier themed one).

When we first went in the room, we were like... Okay. So where do we start?

An introductory video was played, and then it becomes a countdown timer of 50 minutes game time. We saw a few locks (not revealing how many else I will be spoiling the fun) and that was it. No clue, nothing. No where to start. It's just you and your brains to work it out how to go about unlocking yourself.

Suddenly I felt like I was in the movie Saw because they also woke up not knowing what happened to them. hahahahhahahaha. 

When we finally unlocked the first one, we took a peep at the timer and we were surprised to find that 20 minutes have passed. Never in our wildest dream to think that a harmless looking room could make us crack our brains so hard that 20 minutes passed in a blink of an eye!

After unlocking the first one, we got stucked again. Meeeeeeeeeh. So we seek some clues and help from the staff (which is like some lifeline that you can either use once or multiple times until you shiok but you can't compete on the hall of fame) and managed to continue on.

Unfortunately for us, even after extension of an additional 10 minutes (we have to pay $12 for that 10 minutes not per pax, but as a whole) we did not manage to escape the room. We had to be 'rescued' by the staff. Hahahhaa. But I would proudly say we were at the last lock! And we're all first-timers! (self consoling here) 

Though we didn't manage to escape the room successfully, but we really enjoyed ourselves in the entire process of unlocking and solving. Not only we had to work like a team, we had to help and trust each other that we'd solve the puzzles/quiz/mysterious correctly when we spilt up the 'work'. This game definitely requires some 默契 (mo qi which means understanding of each other well) to complete and escape.

If you doubt your members, then time will be wasted trying to correct each other. We took turns to take the lead too.

Focus Pocus is conducted in a pretty small room. Nothing too physical that you have to jump/climb/shift items. It's really down to your brains cracking those harmless looking mystery.

The creators of Exitplan definitely have put in great efforts in creating these mysteries. If you're someone who loves to solve mysteries/quizzes/puzzles, you should definitely come here.

Escaping need not always be a physical thing, for a change, use some creative brain juices and feel smart after solving them!

Here, is a picture of us taken at Exitplan!

I'm definitely heading back there to escape the next room which is Friends of Eriden (which according to the crew that's the most difficult room). See, you can't judge its book by it's cover, trust me the room looks just like a child's room. Nothing too tough looking. Never did I expect that's the hardest.

Meanwhile... I will be heading to try another reality game room by another company soon. I will give you my thoughts about it once I'm done with that.

The other one is rather.. I am assuming to be more physical and scary. I'm looking forward and I hope it's as good as exitplan.

If you and your bunch of friends ran out of activities to do, well, now you have something to do. Book a room at exitplan together and solve away!


279 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088752

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thurs & Sun 1200 to 2200
Fri & Sat 1200 to 2300

Online booking available

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