Sunday, June 1, 2014

Korean: Togi Korean Restaurant at Chinatown, Mosque Street

Ever since my trip to Korea last year, my love for Korean food grew tremendously. Dishes like rice cake, pancake and their spicy soup is a must have for each visit!

Located at Chinatown about 5-10 minutes walk from the MRT station, you'd be able to find this authentic Korean restaurant facing Porcelain Hotel. Don't worry about not being able to spot the restaurant as they have a distinctive white signboard.

I was there with 4 other friends on a Weekday night and man, by 7pm it was pretty packed on the ground floor. Thankfully there was a second level for us else would have to wait for about 15 minutes at least cause everyone seem to just started on their dinner.

Door to the level 2 is just right beside the front door. I was pretty shocked at the spacious layout on level 2. I didn't expect them to have so much seats available on top. It looked pretty empty because we're the first to enter level 2 but by the time it was 7:30/8pm, the entire place was filled with customers.

My friend mentioned that they used to take reservations but now they apparently don't any more for Chinatown. I'm not too sure about the one at TripleOne but I'd be heading there soon too!

Something I realized is that... I think their menu for TripleOne and the outlet at Chinatown.. is different. Because I forgot to take a snapshot of the receipt, I couldn't recall all the prices. I tried to find the menu for Chinatown online.. to no avail but I found some pictures taken by other bloggers from TripleOne and realized that it was slightly different. One difference I could recall was chinatown didn't have Kimchi pancake but I think TripleOne has it. (We wanted to order Kimchi pancake and then they said they don't have it so we had seafood and potato instead.)

My favourite will always be their re-fillable side dishes. 2 Kimchi lovers were dining with me that day and both commented that the Kimchi wasn't as good as before. Comments were it could have been spicier. I'm not a fan of Kimchi though I do take the minimal amount so I will not input my comments. 

I was literally eating the entire bowl of the ikan bilis and tofu. Oh, the mashed potato was equally good! 

We had least had 3-4 refills for this. Hot favourite!

Bibimbap $12

We got the staff to help us mix in some sauce... and it was awesome! This reminded me about the bibimbap I had after a long walk at Gyeongbuk Palace.. I gobbled up the entire bowl of bibimbap effortlessly and it was only 5,000 won!

Gyoza $6

Spicy Tofu Soup $12
Potato pancake $6

Seafood pancake $20

My favourite seafood pancake had always been the one at Joomak, Bukit Timah Beauty World Centre but I guess this is comparable. And needless to say more convenient for me to dine here then at Bukit Timah.

Rice cake $12

Rice cake, never goes wrong. Really.

Okay, I'm just biased because it's my favourite dish. (hahahhahhhaha)

Jjajang myeon $25

My first ever jjajang myeon I ate was back at Jeju on the last night. Our friendly tourguide introduced us to this cheap and good place in Jeju before departing with us for the trip. 7,000won for a plate of delicious noodles. I totally dig it! It was filled with seafood... and more seafood.. oh and the portion is generous!

So this plate of noodles can feed 5 of us, and we still couldn't finish it. Though the menu only state is for sharing of 2-3pax, I think this can feed 8 girls! (of course with some other side dishes)

If you're intending to have this, remember to order lesser sides. Unless you have huge appetites, then please go ahead!

Beer $10

I don't like beer that taste bitter. My kind of beer is... Kirin Lychee? Blanc? Taiwan Lychee beer?

Okay you get the drift. I prefer sweet stuff. This beer was alright for me, not very sweet but not bitter. Slight hint of sweetness and with some soju.. It was kinda good.

If you plan on going there, be prepared to wait up or just try to be early. They don't have rules that all guest got to arrive before they sit you so someone just drop by earlier to queue will do fine.

Else you could try TripleOne (I assume they do bookings still).

I'm definitely coming back for more!


297 River Valley Road 
Singapore 238338

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 14:00
Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 21:00
Closed: Sun


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