Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Buffet: Shabuya Shabu Shabu Buffet

You see all those dining vouchers all over the place. You see them on Groupon, Deals.com, Voucherlious and many more. They are always so enticing and they seem so cheap. Of course, marketers put in great efforts to entice you, else why would it be called promotion right?

So, like you I've bought this Shabuya Shabu Shabu Buffet Voucher with my friends. (totaly 7 of us). A 50% discount on shabu shabu and free flow of beer... why not right? And look, we can have it on a weekday night even though we can't eat it on weekends, after work is still reasonable) 

Though it was a little sucky because it's at Vivocity only, but everyone made the effort to head over from central/north and east of Singapore.

What this terms & condition on this voucher didn't tell you are the following things:

  1. Yes, you can dine from 6pm to 10pm but your reservation can only be at 6pm (we tried to reserve at 7:30pm but he told us the buffet strictly starts at 6pm) THEN WHY DID YOU PUT 6-10PM? Excuse me? How many people actually get off work at 5pm to reach 6pm? 
  2. We managed to push the booking to 6:30pm (which all of us RUSHED like mad to reach Vivo City) and guess what, you're given only 90 minutes from 6:30pm to eat. And it wasn't like 90 minutes is last order, is you have to LEAVE by 90 minutes. When we were asked to leave, the restaurant was 1/2 empty. Seriously.
Yes so you're like rushing your meal throughout, totally not able to enjoy your food. 

Another thing, the food sucked. Sashimi wasn't very fresh, the food was mediocre. I was glad to only have paid $30 for the voucher. Asking me to pay $60 for the food I had? I'd rather queue for Hai Di Lao. I paid $30+ for Hai Di Lao, though yes it wasn't a buffet but it was way better. WAY BETTER.

Even with the voucher, forget about this place. Completely.

Since it was a buffet, they gave us everything they have on their menu based on 4pax portion. Anyway they don't even have any other chili available except small chilli, pathetic. 

This is what they have, everything's here.

The only good thing? Individual pot. With barely just 1/4 of the pot filled with the soup.

I'm not even going to put the address of this place.

Just, ignore this place. Meh.

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