Monday, July 21, 2014

Cafe: Necessary Provisions

Took a ride to the west and found myself at Necessary provision. A bunch of us were just looking for somewhere to chill out and it brought us here.

Sipping away on some ice coffee, eating some cakes and watch the world go by.

I reckon there's about 35 to 40 seats in the cafe. Good for small groups like 6 of us. They don't take reservations so we had to wait up about 5-10 minutes for a seat.

I like how cozy the entire place feels with slightly dull color theme in the cafe.Though the menu isn't very extensive, but it has a good range of coffee for coffee lovers to choose from. As for me, I had iced chocolate and a really yummy blueberry muffin. (I would definitely eat it again should I pass by there)

Flourless Chocolate Cake $4

Here's to my awesome blueberry muffin. I'm a huge fan of blueberry! $4

Crispy on the outside and yummy softness in the inside.

Iced Espresso in ice cubes! Unique. I've never seen this before. $6.50 

You're suppose to pour the milk in. Wait for the ice cube to melt, and enjoy!

Good coffee, good cakes and another thing that I like? Nett prices.


21 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 598993

Opening hours: 
Tue - Thu: 10am - 10pm
Fri & Sat: 10am - Midnight
Sun: 10am - 6pm


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