Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cafe: Sunday Market @ Lim Tua Tow Road

If you ask me what made me go to this cafe, I'd say it's the road name. I never knew that Singapore had a road name Lim Tua Tow. If you're not a local, in hokkien (a chinese dialect in Singapore, tua tow means big head)

I browsed the menu and thought, it looked not bad and decided to give it a go.

It wasn't hard to find though it's not near any major shopping mall, but there's several buses that you can take that will stop about 3-5 minutes from the bus stop to the cafe.

The entire place has only this cafe. Oh, don't worry bout parking lots, when I was there on a Monday, there we ample parking space.

Menu isn't very extensive but serves you from bites to mains to desserts and drinks.

Place is pretty spacious and if you're looking for a quieter cafe, head over soon before it gets noisy.

Skinny wings with truffle fries $6.50

It came with a sweet/spicy sauce which I liked alot. Fries and skinny wings is also very good. Worth to order and share.

Sirloin Redang Toast $15.90


Looks like a small portion? I could barely finish it and the toast is so wonderful. I would love to eat it again.

A little bit of redang and a little bit of toast... Superb.

Mixed berries milkshake $7

Tasted totally like bubblegum and yes, you got it I loved it! Finished every single drop of it.

Seafood Aglio $14.90

Pretty normal.. maybe you can skip this.

Roasted duck with pancakes $12.90

It might look unappealing to you but trust me, it's really good too. 

While waiting for the desserts, I noticed these interesting utensils.

Rusty metal at the bottom and yet stainless steel on top. Cool, first time seeing it.

And yes, dessert! We wanted to order the brownies but.. they were sold out so I went ahead with these following.

Baked Alaska $10.90

When it came, I was surprised. I was thinking.. where's my sesame sponge cake?
What's that form of white white layer? Cream? And, okay it's wrapped with green tea...
I was honestly thinking how would it taste..

So there you see! The black portion is the sesame sponge cake, and the green ice cream yes, matcha and the white cream I am guessing it's icing sugar? 

Try baked alaska if only you.. like matcha together with sesame and overally very sweet. It was a little too sweet for me, so I didn't finish the cream but I gobbled up the sesame sponge cake. (never say no to sesame!)

Chocolate chip pancakes with fruits $9.90

Same kind of pancakes used for the ducks so if you are ordering duck, skip this. Else, this is decent.

Bangkok toast $10.90

Supposedly their signature dessert but... Okay, the toast is a little not-so-crispy. And there's coconut filling in the middle of the toast. The greenish looking paste is matcha (but my matcha lover dinning companion said it was tasteless) and comes with a cup of matcha ice cream but, to her wasn't very good but acceptable. 

I personally tried the toast and found it too soft for the middle portion and not fragrant enough.

Well, the mains here are really good. But the desserts were slightly disappointing. Then again, these desserts have very unique taste. So perhaps you will be able to appreciate them better. 

If you ask me, I'm definitely coming back for either the duck or their redang. And for desserts? Maybe I'd try the savoury waffles. 

It's just really a pity that during the weekdays it's only opened after 1pm :( Else can pop by for lunch!


22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772

Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday: 1pm - 11pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11am-11pm

6287 8880

Social Media: 
Facebook | Website

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