Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting your hands on strings for the first time

//An invitation by Vinnie Classroom

Humble little me was invited by Vinnie Classroom to attend their new Ukulele Group Program in June 2014! So what's this Ukulele Group Program about?

Credits: Vinnieclassroom.com

This is what I'm talking about!

Just $240 and you get yourself a Ukulele and 8 sessions!

There's only 4 students per class. (which means you get more 'attention' from the teacher!) You get a free Mahalo Ukulele too! With just 4 days in a month, with 2 sessions of 45 minutes each, Vinnie Classroom guarantees that you'd be able to play! 

Lesson schedule goes like 8:00pm to 8:45pm and you take a 30 minutes break then resume at 9:15pm to 10:00pm! What's that 30 minutes for? For you to rest and practice on your own a little and not forgetting to get to know new friends.

Are you thinking why 45 minutes? (so little right!) 

Well, here's why! (as extracted from www.vinnieclassroom.com)

Research from experts discovered that human generally have 45 minutes of effective attention span. So why pay more for the extra 15 minutes that won't be productive? This helps us keeping our pricing low for you too! At the end of the day, the 15 minutes you saved could help you gain extra practice time at home instead!

Here are some key takeaways that you will get out of this course... *inserts drum roll*

  • Mastering the basics! You'd be introduced to C, G, Am and F chords (no idea what are those? See, that's why you need to attend classes!)
  • Be able to not just play but sing along simple nursery rhymes!
  • Learn from simple to intermediate pop songs with various strumming patterns!
  • Be introduced to songs in Hawaiian language with intermediate strumming!
  • Advance song challenge to take your learning to a test!
  • You'd end the lesson with a performance of your own, and plus it's recorded! (see the video people of students who just 'graduated'!)

Credits: Vinnie Classroom Youtube Channel

It's pretty sad that 8 lessons in 4 days just ended like that but well, all good things comes to an end. Missing your friends and want to continue on? Here's a promotion for you! 

Credits: www.vinnieclassroom.com

Bring 3 more friends or just go with your current classmates (you probably are comfortable with the learning pace) and continue the class! How great is that?!

If you ask me honestly I prefer having my own friends or strangers that share the same learning pace as me. Most of the time when you sign up for classes, you find yourself in this situation where someone in the class doesn't share the same music taste as you or picks up faster than you (which sometimes makes me feel like I'm retarded hahahahaha) So having a choice for you to form a class with your friends or it would even be better if you and your friends share the same interest in genre of songs! Then you'd never get bored of the songs that you are playing just because it's not 'your-kind-of-song'.

Now that you’ve gotten interested in the course that’s being offered here, curious to know how your future school would be like? Here are some specially taken photographs by Vincent to show you around, virtually.

My first reaction when I arrived at 'school' I was like... Whoa. This is pretty cozy. You've got to take off your shoes, it's really homely. Floors in the classrooms are carpeted while the main hall is wooden laminated flooring and the walls are painted in black and grey theme; it totally gives off this zen vibes

Having a cozy venue is definitely a plus point but of course their courses would be able to entice you more! At Vinnieclassroom, they don't just offer Ukulele classes. They have a range of musical instruments from electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards and classical piano. You can check out more about their courses by clicking on their website www.vinnieclassroom.com. 

Before I end this post, I just got to know that there's an exciting new programme brewing in process! How about.. some Cajon lessons for you? Check out this poster and watch their 'promotion' space for more updates!

Vinnieclassroom is located at:

246A Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370
E hello@vinneclassroom.com

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