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Travelogue: 5D4N Hong Kong itinerary 2014 (Day Two: Mido cafe, Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Sun Yuen Noodles, Avenue of Stars, Lucky Dessert)

If you haven't read my day one post, the link is here.

Day Two, 26 July 2014

We crashed the previous night and here we are on the second day! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't really good on us. A minute it's drizzling the next it's pouring. I didn't bring my umbrella along for this trip and so.. we got drenched while escaping the passing showers.

The only good thing for me was it's cooler for me to wear my outer wear. (I was checking for drizzles hahaha)

We were super lucky because where we stayed was really close by to Mido Café 美都餐室! The are ample seats on the second floor so don't worry if you see a queue. Anyway, what I learn in Hong Kong is that even if it's a super duper long queue, fret not, the queue usually moves super fast. Like Australian Dairy (which we will visit tomorrow) the queue was like 30 people but within 15 minutes we were seated in the cafe already.

Credits to googlemap

Mido Cafe is located at G/F, 63 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, 油麻地廟街63號地下. It's right at the corner of the street facing some open space. 

This picture shows the 'open space' I mentioned.

The good thing about Mido Cafe 美都餐室 is that there's English words to the menu. Australian diary doesn't have English translation so... I suggest that while you are waiting for your turn, figure out what you want to eat.

Every morning we'd order one hot one cold milk tea. Hot for her, and cold for me.

Pineapple bun, which was pretty awesome.

Wherever I go, peanut toast is still good. No matter where.

Pork rib noodles which was pretty decent. I don't eat such heavy breakfast but amazing I could finish it in Hong Kong.

And every morning is a macaroni morning for my partner.

We spent about SGD10/12 per person here for a really fulfilling brunch before heading off to Cheung Sha Wan Plaza to being our shopping!


Don't worry if the map looks confusing because the moment you exit from exit A of Lai Chi Kok MTR station, you'd see the signage below...

Tadah, this is how Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Plaza 長沙灣廣場 looks like.

For the benefit of people who've not been here before... here's the directory.

You want the most honest opinion of mine?

Skip this place. Completely. It's boring and there's nothing that interest me. I read online saying that it's an wholesale shopping mall but... the clothes to begin with are expensive, (expensive meaning price ranging from HKD200 to 350) to me this kind of pricing for fashion like for aunties just isn't right. Really, just skip this place.

Wasted-My-Time. Period.

Very much disappointed.. I decided to try out this other place that isn't as popular as compared to Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Plaza 長沙灣廣場. Heard of Hong Kong Industrial Centre 香港工業中心? Mabel went on a shopping spree there. Literally emptied her purse for the day.

Hong Kong Industrial Centre 香港工業中心 is located at Lai Chi Kok MTR Exit B1. Take the exit B1, make a U-turn and go straight and you should be able to see this building below.

I know it looks like as if there's nothing. But trust me, you'd be amazed by the number of stores within and how much more treasures you can find. The things here are not that cheap. Prices are slightly about HKD150 onwards. If you're lucky, some sale items can be as low as HKD20, but what I observed was that their on sale items are still HKD100 to HKD150. Usual prices can go as high as HKD350. Leather jacket was quoted at HKD600.

Go through this door and then you'd eventually reach the end. Which is something like the picture below.

Just cross to the other side and you can find B-C centre, and you can continue to walk and walk and walk and walk because within this centre, I have seriously no idea how many malls are linked... you'd understand when you go in. It's like a maze inside. Something like Platinum Mall but way bigger. But watch out for the prices, cause they can be about SGD15-20 or even SGD35-50. It really varies from store to store.

Below is the picture of how the centre A looks like.

I took some random pictures of how the place looks like. So you can judge on your own if you'd want to explore this place. My take is this place is definitely worth to come. We spent about a good 2-3 hours here. Unfortunately for me, being on strict tight budget I didn't get anything here. And it was a little not to my kind of fashion so I didn't get anything.

Those that I liked were either too expensive (like this floral peplum I liked was priced SGD47) or out of my budget of SGD25 max for a dress. (I was actually only prepared to spend like max SGD15 for a dress but I realized this isn't Bangkok so I up my stake a little hahahahha.)

Below this picture shows what I meant that they have like mall within malls and they are like linked everywhere. Really everywhere. So just take note where you're heading and don't get lost inside.

We got lost, or rather we didn't bother to find our way back from where we came from so we just exit and... this is where we ended up at.

This I guess was one of the malls that's connected.

And yes, this is exit for the C. So we came in from A.... 

This is one place to add to your list that you can probably spend like a hardcore 4 hours to 5 hours of shopping here if you wish to really explore every single store. Forget about Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Plaza 長沙灣廣場. They should go fly kite. Hooray to Hong Kong Industrial Centre 香港工業中心! 

Enough of shopping for the day, we're off to some tourist attractions. You can entirely skip this part onwards if you're not in for any tourist sites.

Credits to googlemap

There are seriously a lot alot, and I mean a lot of exits in East Tsim Sha Tsui underground. But not to worry, you'd not get lost because the signages there are fantastic. Just look for avenue of stars, should be exit J6 and you'd be able to find this Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Mabel's an art student so this place was because specially for her. I had a fair share of fun too even though I don't really know how to appreciate it well.

Mabel had to take this because this is pretty... funny hahaha.

No photographs allowed but according to Mab, the special Paris Chinese Painting was the only one that interest her. Other then that, the rest was average.

We stopped by a random place for dinner cause we're too hungry to search further. 新源粉麵茶餐廳 Sun Yuen Noodles Restaurant located at Ground Floor, 19-21 Hankow Road Tsui 尖沙咀漢口道19-21號C地下 is quite a scary shop.

The food was average and there were signages that no photographs are allowed and... below it wrote that they will not responsible for any damages. Which means, I don't know? They will smash your camera? Lol, I didn't dare to try but Mab managed to snap one shot of my plate of rice.

Something happened in this stall while we were eating. Apparently someone came in their shop and then decided to leave after looking at the menu. So... the waiter or rather I guess owner of the eatery, started hurling strings and strings of vulgarities in Canto. I couldn't understand them so I was not affected but Mabel was feeling so stressed up because she understood.

Well basically the fellow was scolding the tourist if he doesn't want to eat he should just get the fuck out and don't come. And all sorts of vulgarities in Canto you can ever imagine.

Anyway, just avoid this place. Since the food isn't very good and the service is scary.

Getting to Avenue of Stars 星光大道 is pretty idiot proof because signages are everywhere for it. Don't worry, you'd not get lost. All you need to know Avenue of Stars 星光大道 is located at East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, Exit J. The rest, you just follow the crowd or more signages.

We took some shots while it's still clear...

It was my first time at Avenue of Stars 星光大道 and it definitely will be my last. I was so hyped up wanting to see this because from all the tourism board pages of Hong Kong I've come across keep harping that this is one of their must-visits, the best attractions yadah yadah and yadah. So, I was very excited and very much disappointed to the max.

The lights were average. Not all were moving and plus it's just a few buildings that were 'dancing' the rest were just, bright.

Aiyah, just very disappointing. I didn't even want to watch finish and left halfway. Lol, but nevermind, at least now I can say I've been there. So no regrets.

Before we end our night, we initially wanted to go Agnes B cafe which was located at K11 Mall, but... it was closed by the time we arrived. So Mabel suggested this place called 五代同糖 which was supposedly to be located at Ground Floor, 92-93 Castle Peak Road 深井青山公路深井村92-93號地下.

//you can get to K11 Mall via the underpass in East Tsim Sha Tsui, just head back to the same exit you came from and lookout for signages.

We went round and round and round trying to find this place and in the end... some locals told us that they have closed down and 發記甜品 Lucky Dessert had replaced them at the same location. So people, becareful when you read blogs, check out for the dates of their entries because when we googled, some blogs that surfaced still said that 五代同糖 was at 93 Castle Peak Road.

Although we've not heard of 發記甜品 Lucky Dessert but we decided to give it a try since we're already there.

Mango Sago for her.

Durian for me.

Papaya milk which was average.

Nothing much to rave about this place but the dessert was alright. I'm not sure if 五代同糖 would be better since I've not tried it. Maybe the next time should I return to Hong Kong, I'd give that a go.

Click here for day three adventure! (coming soon...)

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