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Travelogue: 5D4N Hong Kong itinerary 2014 (Day Three: Australian Dairy, Kwun Tong Factory Outlet, APM Mall, 18 Grams Cafe, Argyle Centre, Langham Place, Hing Kee)

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Day Three, 27 July 2014

Credits to googlemap

Get out on Jordan MTR station and exit C2, you'd be able to find the place really quick within 1 minute walk. The address is G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong 佐敦白加士街47-49號地下.

Australian Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 is a really highly raved restaurant that everyone has been telling me that I should/must/have to go. So I am here on a Sunday morning at about 10am and the queue was horribly long.....

Seeeeee, omgggggggggg. Literally like 30 poeple infront of me.

Of course no matter how long it was we will wait. Anyway, we had to share our table with some strangers, which is pretty common sight in Hong Kong.

Trust me, we had seriously a very hard time trying to figure out what is when there's no picture and worst when it's all in traditional Chinese. Mabel ended up pointing at photos while I just anythow tried my luck with whatever I could read.

I suggest you see from this menu, and then decide what you want while you're queuing. Don't be like us, go in and panic hahahahha.

This is super awesome. The cold one especially.

This is what it's called. Some white egg with fresh milk.

火腿煎蛋 that's the name of this dish. Which simply means, ham and scrambled eggs.

Even though we were really stressed out in the beginning from the ordering but we had a really good brunch. Definitely going back here if I travel to Hong Kong again.


I was browsing on factory outlets and accidentally chanced  upon this. I was pretty excited to go this place and there isn't much reviews and entries on this place. It's just a alley of a few shops though the website made it sound like there's alot of things here..

Basically, there's only a NIKE, a Adiddas, a New Balance... and that's about it. Well... 3-4 stores with not much collection so well, I would say it kinda disappointed me. But Mabel got herself a awesome Adiddas shoe at $50!

Even though Kwun Tong Factory outlet wasn't really fantastic but we found APM mall! Which was awesome! It's just like any other shopping all but there's a H&M, international Porter and some other brands. I guess you can google the store directories if you want to have those details.

Once you see this you just turn in, this is the alley you are looking for.

On the left are those factory outlet that online websites are talking about. That's.. all.

I got nothing from the factory outlets but I managed to get a dress from H&M and that's my first buy of the entire trip just yet.

After which before heading for our next shopping destination, we dropped by Wong Tai Sin Temple since it was along the way back from Kwun Tong.

I took quite a few shots, we went in.. put our palms together and prayed for awhile before roaming one round and coming out. I decided not to post any photos because... there's nothing much interesting unless you're a temple go-er. Anyway, if you're nearby just drop by and pray for awhile before leaving since you're already in Hong Kong.


We wanted to try out this cafe that was featured on cafehopping for cafes to visit but dropped the idea after looking at the price. It's located nearby Starbucks, inside a mall.

So if you're intending to try out this place, be prepared to pay SG equivalent pricing. I wasn't so I decided to skip it and look for some street food to munch.

This is my love. Egglets!

The next place that I went to is probably my happiest mall for this entire trip. We took a trip to Langham Mall and left within 30 minutes because... the brands are not what we wanted and plus it was so freaking crowded and the price tag was too much for me to take.

Initially we wanted to skip Argyle Centre thinking that we'd probably be shopping alot at Langham but.... THANKFULLY WE DID NOT BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE A GEM TO ME.

Okay,  I only managed to take a photo before I went on a shopping spree. This centre sells the clothes that are to my liking and also what my wallet would like too. I get to find dresses and tops that are HKD60 and the lowest I bought my floral top at HKD25! Prices here can go as low as HKD20 and with just HKD80 you can find something really decent. Some can be HKD100 to 150 but trust me they are really good quality and pretty. 

Below's a overview of the kind of dresses I got from this centre.

Left to right: HKD150, HKD60, HKD50, HKD50, HKD160 (This is from H&M not from this centre), HKD150 and the top floral top with number is HKD25.

I was very very, very happy after Argyle Centre and so we went to look for dinner!


*points at sugar cane*

I would say that this Hing Kee Claypot was just average. Not super fantastic but not too bad. Cheap and good fix for dinner along the busy Temple Street at night.

If you're nearby Temple Street, you can drop by to eat some.

The night ended with us broke and happy. Went back guesthouse earlier to prepare for Ocean Park tomorrow!

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