Travelogue: 5D4N Hong Kong itinerary 2014 (Day Four & Five: Ocean Park, Tsui Wah Restaurant, Tim Ho Wan, Kai Kee Restaurant, Tai Cheong Bakery)

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Day four, 28 July 2014, Monday

Woke up slightly earlier today to have breakfast at Tsui Wah just opposite our guest house before heading to Ocean Park. Almost the whole day will be spent at Ocean Park so day 4 is pretty short.

It's this kind of set again so it's very easy to order. Hahahaha.

Everything you see for like SGD10, a very heavy breakfast which was suitable for a long day for us.

We took the train from Yau Ma Tei to Admiratly and upon exiting, we saw this long queue to buy tickets cheaper a little then getting from the ticketing counters are Ocean Park. So you queue up here, to get your tickets first then you proceed to exit from exit B, then you'd not miss the super ultra mega long queue for the citybus.

Anyway I read online that citybus stops its service at 4pm, that's not very true because when I was there, they extended it until 8pm that day. It was a Monday when I went Ocean Park.

Oh, and you don't have to worry about getting a separate ticket for the bus, you can just tap with your Octopus card.

Well... Since I didn't take alot of photos here's just a summary of my day at Ocean Park.

It's super mega crowded. Yes, very crowded with a lot of Chinese tourist. It's super sunny, I almost died and because it's very sunny, umbrellas are everywhere. It's so irritating because umbrellas have no eyes and I got poked on my head not once not twice but countless times.

The rides are all almost 45 minutes waiting time onwards. Macdonald Ice Cream Cone is SG2.50. (which is pretty normal for theme parks) You must watch the dolphin and seal show, it's super cute. And that's about it for me at Ocean Park. By the time we left at 5/6pm, I was already baked. I had tan lines all over. Hahahahha.

Here's some photos to share. If you haven't been to Ocean Park, it's worth to go at least once even though it was crowded like mad.

After a super sunny, long and tiring day, we decided to have a good treat for ourself with Tim Ho Wan (like finally!)

We had to walk a good 10 minutes before we find this place but it is all worth it. Definitely better then Singapore's and not to mention, a lot cheaper.

By the way, they have only 4 outlets left in Hong Kong. So time to update your list if you have one from years ago!

These are the 4 outlets left for now.

Can you believe it? 7 dishes and we're only pay like SGD22!

Everything was just awesome. Enuff said. Hahhahahahahaa.

We ended the day early again because we were damn sticky/shagged/tired/exhausted from the whole day at Ocean park.

Day five, 29 July 2014, Tuesday (Final day)

Sadly... We woke up to our last day, packed all our stuff before heading out to have breakfast and buy some last minute local snacks to bring home. We randomly chanced upon Kai Kee and went ahead to have their set menu... again! Hahahaha.

Everytime I complain their set menu so much food but I always end up finishing everything.

The noodles are awesome and the pricing is similar to Tsui Wah. So if you're sick of Tsui Wah you can eat this instead.

Hong Kong's food so far haven't really disappointed me and I've enjoyed most of it. The best of course was my eggtarts that I managed to grab hold of them while on my way to the airport.

They have an outlet at Tsing Yi station, just at the concourse before you change over to the airport rail. So you can grab fresh eggtarts out from the oven before heading home.

I bought a good 3 box full of them and finished up 2 boxes on my own. Egg tart overdose! But it's all worth the calories :D

Anyway, here's a shot of my lovely egg tart.

There, and I'm done with my Hong Kong trip. I hope that whoever it reading this somehow had benefited one or two tips. Even if you haven't, I'm still glad you read everything hahahahhahaa.

Till my next adventure which will happen in late August, late December 2014 and mid February 2015. Not revealing where I'm heading first but I'm really excited about getting out and flying.

Travelling is something I can live without! :)


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