Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cafe: Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar

At a corner of Marina Square you'd find this Dining Edition where it's all about food! There's Lady M, Manhattan, Bangkok Jam and many many more restaurants. This open concept cafe caught my attention and we decided to give it a try before heading over to the other side of Marina Square for Teddy & Me to have desserts.

With desserts in mind, we skipped the drinks and starters and dived into mains. (need to save some space you see.)

The menu wasn't extensive, but it's alright for us. I had a hard time trying to choose between a Pasta or all-day breakfast. In the end, I went with the all-day breakfast. I was tad disappointed.

M had this chicken sausage which was actually decent. But she got sick of it towards the end. I did tried a mouthful, it was not too bad. Portion looks small, and is small. Not recommended for big eaters.

Smoked Salmon Benedict $15

Both J and I got this Smoked Salmon Benedict and... I was disappointed because when I was first served with my first plate of smoke salmon benedict, my benedict.... burst. Even before I ate it.

I refuse to accept my poached eggs bursting even before touching it. So I asked for an exchange. They did exchange for me but unfortunately.. it wasn't really very good. My toast was bad. It was just like 'bread'.

Overall, sorry but no. I didn't enjoy myself and I didn't like the hollandise sauce either.

Probably once, and that's about it.

Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105A, 

Opening hours: 
Mon - Sun 1100 - 2300


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